Keeping fit whilst travelling: Gym Bangarang, Chiang Mai

Keeping fit whilst you travel, can be a hard goal to keep up with. Aside from lugging around a rucksack, and doing a lot of walking, that’s about as good as it gets for me.

Whilst living in New Zealand, I was quite active, either at the gym or out for a run.

However, every now and again, opportunities to keep fit on the road occur.

Whilst I was in Chiang Mai, I was invited to visit Gym Bangarang in Mae Rim, from a friend I met earlier in the week. It was on the way to The Tiger Kingdom, and I thought it was a great idea.

Before I arrived, I was envisaging a nice air conditioned gym, with weights, treadmills, the works.

Arriving at Gym Bangerang, was like arriving at a resort. The place was air conditioned, but the natural type, as the entire gym is ourdoors. The green fields and misty mountains set as a backdrop, make working out seem like a dream. That is, until you start working out!

Gym Bangarang run various training sessions, both one on one and group sessions. They also have a bootcamp, and have trainers that specialise in Muay Thai, MMA, Boxing, cardio and football coaching. So there is something for everyone!

I was introduced to Ant and Chris, two of the trainers. I quickly changed and we started on a cross fit circuit.


Ant was incredibly motivating; no resting or you have to do 20 squats! After 30 seconds I was tired, but I knew it was good for me. We did various things from sit ups, squats, punching, and whacking a tyre with a sledgehammer (it’s actually quite difficult, who knew!)



After our session of cross fit, we moved into the boxing ring for a bit of Muay Thai boxing. It was harder than I thought, but incredibly fun. A great way to let your frustrations out.

The next morning, I wasn’t sore, so perhaps I should have worked harder.

I really enjoyed my day at Gym Bangarang, and its made me want to take up some form of extreme fitness, when I return home.

If you’re in Chiang Mai, and need a workout, I’d definitely vive these guys a call. Motivating trainers in an ideal location. It was the best workout of my life!

Gym Bangarang is located in Mae Rim, 15km out of Chiang Mai. All the details about this place is on their website.

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