Goodbye Christchurch

In what will be my final 7 days of living in Christchurch and New Zealand, I thought I’d take a stroll through the central city; something I used to do every month, since arriving here.

I haven’t had a walk through in a good few months, mainly due to having adventures in other parts of New Zealand.

I thought it was apt that I write about Christchurch, one last time, before I leave.

The Sunday Market on Cashel Street, central Christchurch
The Sunday Market on Cashel Street, central Christchurch

When I arrived in Christchurch at the beginning of 2012, it was all new to me, the roads and signs, the driving rules, but the most striking feature was that the city centre was closed off, and was almost like a ghost town.

This has caused a lot of backpackers and tourists to miss out on Christchurch, during their visits to New Zealand. This often makes me very upset, especially when I hear comments, such as ‘Christchurch is boring, and there is nothing to do.’

Sure its not as lively as the party town of Queenstown, but there is plenty to see and do in Christchurch. It is coming back.

During my walk around town, I was really taken back with the changes in a few short months -new cafés opening, large office blocks almost completed and projects midway through completion. It was amazing to see.

The Christchurch tramway, back in action
The Christchurch tramway, back in action

There was also a great sense of anticipatory excitement in the atmosphere. People were shopping, chatting happily, smiling, and just being. There was a sense that Christchurch was on its way back. New life and colour had been breathed into the city.

As I walked past a building site on Victoria Street, a construction work said ‘Kia Ora’, smiled and put his thumbs up, as I was taking photos.

Christchurch has come along way in the past few years, and yes it has been challenging, living with constant roadwork’s, and diversions that lead into diversions, but it has been exciting living amongst this change, watching a city be rebuilt. Christchurch and Canterbury have demonstrated a lot of resilience and creativity. It has been a real privilege being part of life here.

I look forward to returning one day, to see how things have developed.

A beautiful warm winter walk, on Godley Head, Christchurch


Haere rā. Ka kite anō


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