Getting locked up at Escape Rooms, Cardiff

Imagine turning up to a darkened room, along a side street and being locked in a room with a bunch of your mates. Would this be your idea of a fun night out? (or a night in, as the case could be)

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Escape rooms are a concept which has gained global appreciation, with the objective to get out of a locked room within a certain timescale, through the solving of a series of puzzles, and clues.

There are a number of escape rooms in the UK, and I recently got to experience the craze.

Escape rooms Cardiff is the first of its kind to open in the city, and is fully booked most weekends.

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I have wanted to try out an escape room for such a long time. My childhood consisted of watching The Crystal Maze most Saturday nights, and with the return of this to our TV screens, it sparked my desire to play.

Review of Escape rooms Cardiff

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After arriving upstairs to Escape rooms, we were greeted by a friendly guy called Dan, who explained the concept of game to us. We had chosen to play ‘Finding Sherlock’, one of the three rooms on offer.

After locking away our phones and cameras away, to protect the integrity of the game, we were led upstairs to the room. A quick explanation outside, and in we went.

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As the door closed, the 60 minute countdown timer commenced.

At first we just looked at each other, and went ‘where do we start’ We spent part of the hour laughing at each other, and interacting with the props, and for the most part frantically trying to solve clues, constantly watching the clock

The room was full of cameras and mics, which were monitored by the staff. When we were going off track or getting stuck, we were offered a clue, which would flash up on a screen.

The room was very challenging, especially when we had solved one puzzle, only to discover there was yet another puzzle to solve.

We eventually did escape sucessfully with 3 minutes and 23 seconds to spare.

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It took a lot of skill, lateral thinking and working together, but it was incredibly fun!

After you have escaped, you can get the chance to redeem youself in a bonus round. A crystal maze style ending, collecting as many gold and silver tokens in 60 seconds. You’ll get bragging rights if you’re at the top of the leader board!

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Important info


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Escape Rooms Cardiff is located at 119 St Marys Street – just off the main high street, above Costa Coffee.

You should arrive 5-10 minutes before the game, so that you can understand the rules and mentally prepare yourself with books and other criptic games. Oh and load up on sugar with free sweets!

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Each room can accommodate up to 6 players. The more players you have the cheaper it costs per person. From £16-£25 during weekdays and £18-£27 during the weekends.


There are three rooms currently on offer: The Heist, Finding Sherlock and The Tomb, with varying degrees of difficulity.

Finding Sherlock is the middle of the three in terms of difficulty. So I will definately be back to try out the other two

Free Pizza*

As a lovely reward for their customers, Escape Rooms has joined up with Zizzi on the high street and will give you a 25% money off voucher for food.

*NB its not actually free

Could you get out of a locked room in 1 hour? Come and see if you can beat our time of 3:23

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