Five Cool Sights to Check Out When Backpacking in Munich

Munich is the capital city and largest city in Bavaria and is world famous for many different things. Tourism is huge here too of course and the city makes a good hub when inter-railing through Europe. Connecting to bordering Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Austria can all be done from trains via Munich. The city has a good local bus network, efficient trams and a tidy U-Bahn to rival any other city in Europe. It really is a perfect spot for all types of travellers from backpackers to elderly couples to German weekenders escaping their home city.

Culture-wise, Munich might be popular for its Oktoberfest beer festival and its football team Bayern Munich, but there is a lot more than meets the eye to this ace German city begging for a few days of your time to explore it. You can do walking tours and bicycle tours or connect with the locals, but let’s keep things simple, here are five of my favourite things to do in Munich.

1.Climb St. Peter’s Tower
Climb up the mega cool 306 steps to the top of St. Peter’s Tower. This is a great experience and offers wonderful views over the city. As a wacky bonus, it is also Munich’s Oldest Church.

St Peters Church

2.Drink in the Hoftbrauhaus
Even if it’s not September time, the buzz of drinking beer never ends in Munich and you should try and head to the world famous Hoftbrauhaus and drink the Mass Beer. Eat Weisswurst while you’re at it and mingle with the locals.


3.Get Naked at Englischer Garten
For something rare and unusual, strip naked at the English Garden. This is a rarity in Germany and in the world – a public park where nudity is not just respected but it’s recommended along the Eisbach. Sometimes those wearing clothes are in the minority. Be warned that it gets cold in winter though.

Englischer Garten Munich

4.Cheer on Bayern Munchen
While Germany are current World Champions, let’s not forget that the best team in the country play here in Munich. Bayern Munich have won the domestic league 25 times and the European Cup 5 times and they play at the massive Allianz Arena. Locals are friendly and the atmosphere is one of the best in Europe.

5.Admire Art at Alte Pinakothek
Art-wise Munich may well surprise. Here at the stunning Alte Pinakothek gallery are works of art from some of the world’s best ever painters. Rembrandt, Raphael, Da Vinci all feature in a gallery worth checking out.

These are just a quick top five to get you started, it’s a huge city brimming in culture, history and architecture. So make sure you enjoy as many local experiences as you can while you’re here.


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