Five alternative things to do in London, England

London has a huge tourist reputation and for sure lots of popular sights. We all know thousands of tourists head to Buckingham Palace, Tower of London and St. Paul’s Cathedral. But take a step into the obscure and uncover some gems that London hides within her. Here are five lesser known and alternative things to do in London, England’s capital.

1.Go to Jail for a Beer
So the Monopoly Board has a “Go to Jail” square but here on the streets of London you can go to Jail and have a Beer! Head to The Viaduct Tavern for a jolly good pint of London Pride. The Viaduct Tavern is a Grade II listed public house at 126 Newgate Street, Holborn, London and was once a prison. It is on the Campaign for Real Ale’s National Inventory of Historic Pub Interiors. It was built in 1874–75 and the interior was remodelled in 1898–1900 by Arthur Dixon. Pop in on a Thursday evening to avoid the weekend crowds.


2.Visit Another Country
Can you really find another country inside London? You mean not England? Not Britain? Not United Kingdom? Yes you can! There is a fully functional self-declared independent country here called Austenasia. Fellow travel blogger and Northern Irish tourist Jonny Blair backpacked this unknown country in 2015, getting a London bus through Carshalton and touring Wrythe and Orly!


3.Raunchy London
London is not known as a “sexy city” the way Amsterdam and Berlin are, however delve deep and you will find some raunchy charms. Soho at night booms, there are some fascinating condom shops, striptease bars and Cleopatra Escorts are a legal local service for the indulgent gentleman. Interesting condoms include the popular “Want to see Big Ben?”

4.The Republic of Frestonia
Not quite another “independent country” here but these days they are bare reminders of the once “Free Republic of Frestonia”. I toured this place in March 2015 with my friend Jonny but we didn’t really see too many reminders of what was once here. The Clash recorded and album and the Masonic Hall still has a plaque of Frestonia on it.

5.Watch Non League Football
London boasts no fewer than 12 popular professional football teams in Chelsea, Tottenham, Leyton Orient, Millwall, West Ham, Wimbledon, Arsenal, Charlton, Crystal Palace, Brentford, Queens Park Rangers and Barnet. But with over the odds prices, non league football is the cheap and cool alternative. The standard might be lower but you enjoy great stadiums with local atmosphere and get to the heart of London’s football tradition.

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