Exploring the street art of Vila Madalena, São Paulo

The hipster movement is literally taking over the World. It is a contemporary subculture that is continually evolving. It may be slightly different in various parts of the World, but is generally associated with the arty, and trendy types.

If you live in London, Shoreditch is were you’ll gravitate to as a hipster, and for New York, it is all about Williamsburg.

São Paulo is no exception to this, and Vila Madelena is where you’ll see the hipsters hanging out.

I spent an afternoon with my travel companion walking around, and exploring the street art.

How to get to Vila Madelena?

To get to Vila Madelena, you can jump on the green line, which intersects at Paraíso station (running to and from the city centre).

You can choose to get off at Vila Madelena, but I was on the hunt to find the famous Beco do Batman, which is a collection of narrow alleyways, covered in graffiti (similar to the laneways in Melbourne, Australia).

In order to see Beco Do Batman, it is better to get off at Sumaré station, take a left at the top of the stairs, continue down the road, cross to the other side and head down Av Paulo I, where you’ll walk for a good 20 minutes downhill (enjoy the uphill journey on the way back).

You’ll start seeing a good bit of Graffiti along the way, but the best is yet to come!

Street art in Vila Madelena
Street art in Vila Madelena

Exploring Beco Do Batman

Beco Do Batman was a little tricky to find, but once we got there, we loved it.

Beco Do Batman
Beco Do Batman

Although perhaps not as artistic as the Street Art in picturesque Georgetown, Malaysia, it was amazing to wander around, and try not to get high from the weed various characters were smoking.





The area itself was quiet deserted, apart from a few locals (smoking weed), so we enjoyed exploring and area where there were not thousands of tourists shoving cameras in my face.


I’d definitely reccommend hanging out in Vila Madelena. After you’re done seeing the arty scene, there are a number of bars and restaurants worth frequenting. 

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