Christchurch, New Zealand: Save the Pallet Pavilion

A few months ago I wrote about one of the Gap Filler projects The Summer Pallet Pavilion

The land that the Pallet Pavilion is on, is on land belonging to the Christchurch City Council, but they gave it to Gap Filler for free. The Pavilion was due to be taken down at the end of April, but it is still here, and Gap Filler are now campaigning for it to stay for another summer.

Image from the Pallet Pavilion Facebook Fan Page

I think this is a fantastic idea. The Pallet Pavilion is an amazing multi-functional space, built by the community, for the community and has played host to a number of events in Christchurch, including some of the International Buskers Festival acts early on in the year, to tea parties, open mic nights and dinners. It has a great feel to it, and I love it.

So in order for it to stay for another summer, the Pallet Pavilion is for sale to the community.
The deadline for funds of $80,000 to be reached in the 8th of June. This is the target which was calculated to keep the pavilion up over winter, to pay for security etc.

You may never have been to the Pallet Pavilion before, or even to Christchurch, but if you would like this amazing place to stay you can pledge monies from the link below. Money will not be taken out of your account unless the target of $80,000 is reached.

You will as well be able to get something for your money. For a little $30  (£15) you can have your own Pallet, in the form of your name written on it for a whole year, and for $60 (£30) you can get a Summer Pallet Pavilion T-shirt! All that is needed is for 3,000 people to donate $30 and we are there.

This is such a worthy cause and an amazing part of the regeneration of Christchurch! Go on and Pledge, it would mean so much.

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