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A little while ago, I wrote a post on the cost of travelling New Zealand. This was more of a generic post, with tips on how to make travelling New Zealand cheaper, which I have learnt through being an expat in this beautiful country for the past two years.

As many a Traveller will tell you, travelling to New Zealand and Australia, is expensive, especially of you have just been to Asia, where a bed for the night will cost you $3. In Australia, that will buy you a bottle of water!

On my recent trip to Australia, I spent 12 days there, and I managed to keep a fairly accurate record of all my spending. It was quite interesting doing this, as I saw where most of my money was going on a daily basis, and therefore thought before I spent the next day.

Before the trip. I tried to pre-budget, the known costs such as accommodation and activities I’d be doing. I think this is important with any size of trip. For this trip, I did get a little but of money from my parents to put towards costs, for Christmas. I budgeted and paid for some things in advance, so the total cost didn’t seem as hard hitting in the end.

So here is the breakdown of the cost travelling Australia for 12 days: (NB: I travelled with another person, but this is a breakdown for one person. Where we spilt the cost of things, such as car hire, I have spilt it on here). The costs are in Australian Dollars.


We stayed in hostels for our entire stay for 11 nights

Melbourne (Discovery Melbourne Hostel) 1 night: $25 (12 bedded dorm)

Hobart (The Pickled Frog) 4 nights: $108 (6 bedded dorm)

Melbourne (Discovery Melbourne Hostel) 6 nights (the rate was higher around Christmas – $30 per night) $180 (12 bedded dorm)

Total: $313


Transfers from airports: $86

Public transport (Myki travel card in Melbourne): $20

Car hire with GPS for 2 days: $110

Fuel: $43

Car parking: $14

Total: $273

Experiences and Activities:

Tour of Freycinent National Park (organised tour): $95

Tour of the Neighbours set, The Neighbours night and a ticket to the Eureka Skydeck (this was a package deal): $93

Entry into the Werribee Mansion: $9

Total: $197

Food and drink:

This section is huge. We decided to eat out every day. Whilst most Travellers would be shocked at this, we found it much cheaper. In Hobart, we found a pub that sold $10 meals, which were healthy and so cheap – we wouldn’t have got all the ingredients for that. Our Christmas day BBQ at the hostel cost us  $10 too, and in Melbourne, there was a cool Malaysian eatery, were we got a meal, including a drink for $13! In Melbourne, we got free breakfast, but in Hobart, we did buy bread for toast and snacks for during the day.

We bought breakfast out twice, just for a change, and it meant we had a snack for lunch and an early but larger dinner.

Total for food: $295 (lunches, dinners, snacks and breakfast if we bought it out, this is much higher than I thought, but it included snacks we bought too, such as coffees and chocolate)

Total for drinks: $114 (it was cheap for drinks in Hobart, but less so in Melbourne), so we drunk less. I actually bought a lot of water too. I need to invest in a reusable water bottle.

Total for food and drink: $409

Misc. Costs

This was a random section that included a variety of things from additional items I needed, such as shampoo, a forgotten hairbrush, bank charges for cash withdrawal, postcards, and other souvenirs. I also did a bit of shopping for a dress and new top, which is included here.

Total: $282.05

Total for the entire trip: $1,474.05

This blog post is the first time I’ve added this total up. It does seem a lot for 12 days. I am sure we could have done it a lot cheaper. For example, sleeping at the airport the night before our flight to Tasmania, saving $25 at the hostel and $28 on the skybus. I also didn’t have the need to buy clothes and other things, but I did.


This budget would last one month, or maybe more on Asia, but don’t let that put you off coming to Australia. It is beautiful. Perhaps get a working holiday visa, and travel that way. Its much cheaper when you are earning the Australian dollar.

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