Alternative breakfasts in London

They say Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and I wholeheartedly agree. I love breakfast;  I often think about what I’ll have for breakfast, when I am going to bed. I also love dining out for breakfast. I love finding new places to indulge in a cooked breakfast, to set me up for the day.

Having lived in London, for the past three months, the one thing that I have enjoyed about living there, is that it literally caters for any rumbling tummy. If you want sushi, its there, Korean, Ethiopian, Sri Lankan, you name it – London has every cuisine in the World (well, I have not actually researched this fully, but I am sure it has most) During my time in the Capital, I’ve had the occasional trip out for breakfast, with friends or family, and have found some really neat places to dine.
Here are my top breakfasts in London, that are a little beyond the norm of a regular cooked breakfast –

1. For the Health Conscious

 Gluten free and living in, or visiting London? Not a problem, there are tons of places that will cater for you.
My sister has recently has recently discovered that she has a number of food intolerances, including lactose and wheat. For her birthday, I wanted to take her out for breakfast, and so researched to the endth degree. I discovered a really awesome place called The Good Life eatery, in South Kensington, Chelsea. 
This cafe claims to be London’s first healthy and cold pressed juice cafe, which has locally sourced ingredients. They cater for those with various food intolerances, serving sourdough and gluten free bread, as well as catering for those on the newest clean eating diet; the Paleo. It is a small establishment, with only 25 seats. They don’t take reservations, so it is first come first served.
My sister at the Good Life Eatery in Chelsea, on her birthday
Their menu even has names which just make you feel healthy looking at it, from things like ‘so fresh, so clean’ which is poached eggs, red and white Quiona, kale, sweet potato, omega seeds and spinach and cashew cream, and ‘Rise and Shine’ which is chia seed pudding, gluten free granola, coconut yoghurt, almond and hazelnut butter and fresh berries.
The cafe will also prepare something not on their menu, or alter their dishes, depending on what you can and cannot eat. I tried the Eggs Benedict, but I’m not a fan of hollandise sauce, which at the Good Life Eatery, is actually made from Yoghurt.
Eggs Benedict without the Hollandaise Sauce, at the Good Life Eatery in Chelsea.
Hands down; best eggs Benedict I have had in a long time – just look at that yummy yolk running over the bread.
Want to visit the Good Life Eatery? It is located at 59 Sloane Avenue; a short walk from both South Kensington and Sloane Square underground stations.
Opening Times
Mon-Fri – 7.30am-8pm
Sat – 8am – 7pm
Sun – 9am – 6pm

 2. For those who need a dose of Happy

I love East London; in particular, I love Shoreditch. It is hipsterism at its greatest, but it is possibly one of the most creative areas I have been to, outside of Christchurch, New Zealand. Here, small pop up cafes, alternative music venues, funky bars and restaurants are alive, brick lane, with its alluring smell of curry houses is packed, and there are buskers on the side of the street, or ad hoc street performers.
If you need cheering up, and breakfast at the same time; for a dose of happy and a place where your kids can draw on the wall – head to the Canvas cafe and creative venue in Shoreditch 
Just off Brick Lane at 42 Hanbury Street E1 5JL, if you need to get away from the hustle and bustle – head to the happiest cafe in London,
This place serves breakfast (all day), and prides itself on having hearty and wholesome food. They serve breakfast (and brunch, at the weekend), as well as light meals and sweet treats.
The cafe is a social enterprise, and lives up to its name, providing blank walls for people to write or draw on. It also lists free ted talks, hosts seminars and other events. The cafe is part of the Action for happiness network.
Eggs and Bacon on sourdough bread at The Canvas creative venue, Shoreditch.

3. For a breakfast roll

A breakfast roll, or breakfast butty (bap, if you’re from Northern Ireland), is often the choice for a breakfast on the go, but why not stay a little longer and head over to BunnyChow in Soho, London. 
This place is a South African street food hangout, which started off selling food from a food truck (and still does).
The basis of bunny chow is food is served in bread rolls – the bread is all scooped out, and it is filled up with food. This ranges from meals such as mutton, curry etc, to the newest edition – the full English.
For £4, you can fill you tummy (and face) with spicy beans, black pudding, egg, bacon, tomato sausage.
Apparently there is a knack to eating a bunny chow, but I wasn’t too successful Luckily wet wipes and napkins are on hand to clean your face and hands up afterwards.
Trying to figure out how to start eating the full english, at bunny chow.
Breads include brichoe, wholemeal, white and Gluten free. The breakfast roll is served all day.
Opening times are from 8am during the week or 9/10am on Saturday/Sunday, and is open to 10/11pm Monday-Wed/Thurs-Sat or to 7pm on a Sunday.
Location:  74 Wardour Street, Soho, London – a short walk from Leicester Square underground station.

What alternative places have you found for Breakfast? Whats your favourite thing to eat for breakfast?

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