6 pre-travel tips you need to remember 

It’s one of the best feelings in the world when you’ve clicked confirm and booked your flights for a holiday.

What follows are days of excitement as you think about all of the incredible things you’ll get up to whilst abroad, but then it dawns on you that it’s time to start prepping for your trip – only you don’t know where to begin.

Fear not – we’ve put together this list of six pre-travel tips to help you get started.

1. Check your passport validity 

Passports are valid for a long time, so passport validity is probably the last thing on your mind when you’re heading on holiday, but you won’t get very far without one. Some countries require your passport to be valid for a certain length of time from your departure date, so make sure you check the guidelines for your destination.

2. Find accommodation

Finding accommodation is an important and often time-consuming job, so it should be one of the first things you do once you’ve booked your flights. Just make sure you research thoroughly by checking reviews and fine print before you book. There are countless places to look for lodgings, so this article on Smarter Travel reviews the best accommodation booking sites.

3. Plan your route from the airport 

Picture the scene – you’ve arrived landed late because your flight was delayed and you’re tired, you’re hungry and you’ve no idea how to get to your hotel. This is why you should plan your route from the airport before you arrive, so you can get to your accommodation as quickly as possible to unpack, rest and recharge before heading out to explore.

4. Get travel insurance 

It’s the thing that everyone will tell you to do, and yet, the thing you’re probably most likely to forget. However, flying off without travel insurance can lead to all kinds of problems if you end up falling ill or getting injured. So, once you know your holiday dates, head online and find travel insurance on a comparison site such as Compare the Market.

5. Research things to do 

‘There are loads of things to do where I’m going, I’ll be spoilt for choice, so I’ll look into that when I arrive’ – wrong. How to you get to these places? Do you need to book in advance? How long will you spend there? Researching the places that you’re interested in visiting will help you answer these questions and use your holiday time efficiently. A great place to find holiday activities is TripAdvisor.

6. Book airport parking 

Don’t be that person who cruises into the airport car park without a spot booked – not only will you waste time driving around in circles looking for a park, it’ll cost you a fortune too. Booking in advance is a much better idea – you’ll find airport parking deals on Looking4.com for East Midlands and most other UK airports.

Follow these tips and you’ll be off to a flying start before you’ve even set foot on the plane.

What are your top pre-travel tips? Please share them in the comments section.

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