Why work with a travel blogger?


I am passionate about travelling, and since starting this blog in 2011, I have shared with over 5,000 monthly readers, about my experiences. I have highlighted new brands and travel experiences to those with a passion for the World. I can do the same for you too.

As a travel writer, I aim to try to connect with a number of different organisations and brands, to promote and review them and share my experiences with those who read my blog, in the hope that they too, may want to experience something similar.

I am building up a trusted following throughout my social media platforms, with the majority of my readers being located in the UK, Europe and the US, with an average age range of 18-35.

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Press Trips, Reviews, and Partnerships

 I am interested in working directly with your company. Life in a rucksack accepts partnerships for sponsored accommodation, tours, adventure activities, transportation and give-aways for my readers. In exchange, I will post a full review on this blog with high quality photos and include mentions on all my social media platforms.

For further information about my site and statistics. Download my Media Pack or you can get in touch via my 

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