Where Would I Go If I Won The Lottery?

For many of us, entering the lottery gives us a hope, a dream. The world is huge, but comes with limits and restrictions. For example Saudi Arabia only recently permitted female backpackers to get a tourist visa and unless you have a lot of money at your disposal, visas and flights in Africa continue to incur high costs.

So if I suddenly win the lottery tomorrow, where would I go and why. Well let us start by remembering that I have now visited over 50 countries and have a young daughter. This already helps make up my mind.

In the Cotswolds, England with my daughter

Unless there is something amazing that I missed in those 50 odd countries, I have little reason to repeat most of those. That leaves me with about 143 new countries to explore. We can narrow things down easily.

With my husband and daughter it would be great to go to family orientated getaways. This kind of discludes strict military dictatorships, countries recovering from war and countries entering or still at war. I would also eliminate far flung remote island countries. Long haul flights, medical injections and climate changes don’t exactly appeal. Health is at the forefront.

However, if I won the lottery, then money becomes no element. A luxury life would exist. Thing of the dreams. 5star hotels every night, instant medical care, top of the range food, flying in first class. Wow it is all a dream so here are some of the places I would go. Just in case you ever wondered where would I go if I won the lottery.

The Azores

It is a short flight for us and a pure place of luxury and relaxation that is closer to home. I have been to Portugal before, but this would be something new for me.

Caribbean Cruise

If we can handle the one off long haul flight from say Madrid to Kingston, then a luxury cruise in the Caribbean is a dream trip. It would also be amazing for visiting new countries as part of island hopping. Plus we would have many days to relax by the ocean waves on superb beaches.


When my daughter is a bit older the lure of meeting Santa Claus in Lapland could be a special treat. Imagine a cold Finnish winter with some hot food before a trip to Santa’s Grotto.

Safari in Namibia

The wild deserts of Namibia look inspirational and we would spend a great time on safari looking for cheetahs, relaxing in a top of the range luxury resort whilst also enjoy the gorgeous sandy deserts. Not to mention some great African food and music.

Northern Lights in Iceland

Iceland would be a stunning country to visit for many reasons. It is often regarded as one of the more expensive countries, so having no limits to my budget would be a huge boost and so we would go round the island in style, checking out the Gullfoss Waterfall, Kerio Crater, Blue Lagoon and of course the famous Northern Lights.

Those are just a few of the things I could do if I won the lottery. The world would be open for a limitless and boundless adventure and it is certainly food for thought.

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