What really matters at Christmas time?

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If you’re familiar with my content, you would know that squeezing the best out of life and always trying to take the thoughtful option is something I pride myself on. This is an attitude that is far and above worth subscribing to, no matter how you live your life. Cutting to the heart of what really matters and building our lives around that can be one of the most important things that any of us will do.

That being said, it’s very important to consider what REALLY matters, especially during the times in which a formulaic approach can be expected. The question on everyone’s minds right now, at this time of year, is how this may translate to their Christmas preparations, particularly the final Christmas celebration of this decade. There’s no reason to feel as though you need to be the most pious or consider this a religious holiday at all if you do not subscribe to those ideas, but learning how to make this more enjoyable, more humble, and much more authentic is always a worthwhile thought experiment.

So, let’s experiment:


Many people think that in order to enjoy the best Christmas they can, they need to perfect everything they can to perfect the day, and the days leading up to it. But perfection is often oh so boring, and in order to have fun, simply being a little more open and loose can be a great idea. If you’re not having fun in your endless Christmas preparation, then you’re simply not enjoying this time as well as you are supposed to. Although also, feeling as though you’re ‘supposed’ to enjoy this day in any way can be a false thing to consider.

Remember, while your plans do matter and whatever you hope to enjoy is often planned for the right reasons, never think that you need to overspend, or overplan, or give everything to others. Sometimes, sitting in and enjoying a board game with your family is as important and hilarious as paying for the best entertainment elsewhere. This Christmas – ensure you have fun.


Inclusion matters at Christmas time. Perhaps you’ve had a recent fight with your next door neighbor due to them making noise late at night, but a Christmas card may be customary all the time. Asking your daughter to bring her boyfriend home for Christmas may be a nice tough. If you know a friend of your soon is struggling, perhaps you may ask him to come and attend a dinner during the Christmas lead-up, or maybe you can try and connect with a long lost family member.

Perhaps the recent international studying program your cousin attended hasn’t been going so well, and so inviting them to come to Christmas may help them settle some of their frayed nerves. Of course, you cannot invite everyone to your house at this time of year, but a little inclusion can be much more powerful than you think.

Good Food

Good food can bring everyone together, no matter if they are the best of friends or true arch enemies. Of course, you’re unlikely to have your arch enemies over at the Christmas table, but at least you can cook so well that they’ll wish they were invited. Many people think that the Christmas spread just has to be perfect or everything is ruined, and many mothers and fathers across the country work hard to ensure their family table is well stocked.

Of course, worrying about perfection can only spoil things. Why not have plenty of fun? You can still enjoy extremely high-quality ingredients such as the best Christmas Turkey, or roasting the best vegetables in your lovely new pressure cooker, or allowiing your children to try and bake the cake with you as you guide them through the process. Christmas is not the same without a meal that you enjoy, no matter how humble, small, large or proud it is.


Honesty matters at Christmas time. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to admit to stealing your brother’s LEGO’s twenty years ago. However, it does mean that telling the people in your life how much you appreciate them can be doubly impactful. Remember, all of us have a limited number of Christmas celebrations we can enjoy. It’s worth trying to celebrate those in our lives before we no longer have the chance.

With this advice, we hope you can thoroughly enjoy Christmas time, and understand what really does matter.

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