Warning Signs to Look For When Booking a Hotel

There are many people out there who prefer to book a tour package these days because of a distasteful experience with planning their trip on their own. One of the critical components of how your vacation would be is how your hotel turns out to be. Many a times, the hotel you see online while booking presents an entirely different picture of what it may be in real life and the experience it offers. Any frequent traveller would immediately recall a few times when they were in a similar predicament.

For example, if you are planning a trip to Kerala with your family, it is always better to book Kerala tour packages for family than to plan it from scratch yourself. The tour planning company would know which hotel would offer their guests a worthy and comfortable experience, and you can be sure of getting what you were promised. When you plan a trip on your own, things might start to go downhill pretty quickly as not everything you see or hear online is real. Here are the few warning signs to look for when booking a hotel


Photoshopped Pictures 

When you are booking a hotel online, the first thing you look at is the pictures. If the photos put up by the hotel management is too artificial or seem highly edited professionally, it is not always a good sign. These days the hotels understand the importance of the pictures and go out of their way to ensure that the images of the hotel online look alluring and inviting. However, do not be fooled by the photos that are photoshopped and look out for real images posted by the users to get a good idea.

Updated Website

The internet is where all the travel plans begin these days, whether it is booking a hotel or flight ticket or researching your next vacation destination. When it comes to hotels, most of the reputed hotels have their website that not only provides general details about the hotel online to the prospective customers but allows them to book online as well. Checking out the website would give you a good insight as to what to expect from the hotel. If the site is old and outdated, rest assured the quality of services offered at the hotel wouldn’t be much different.

However, the website of the hotel that is updated and has a range of features, including a video tour of the hotel, online booking, online chat, and more, is more reassuring. It can be assumed that a hotel that is too lazy to update its website might be lousy as well when it comes to offering quality services, keeping the hotel clean, and so on.

Online Reviews

When you are booking a hotel online, you don’t only look at the pictures but also at the reviews the hotel has got from its previous customers. It gives a good idea of how your experience would be at the hotel and whether it is worth staying there. You do not want to book a fancy hotel only to find out later that the staff there is not hospitable or friendly, or the hotel has some other issues you didn’t know about earlier. Reading online reviews would help you know more about the hotel that otherwise cannot be known. Checking the reaction of the hotel management on the bad and the good reviews would help you know more about how the hotel management tries to solve the issues and if they care for the customers.

Hard to reach a real person

When you have shortlisted a hotel and trying to reach the hotel through phone and email but aren’t getting any positive response, rest assured your experience when in the hotel wouldn’t be much different. The hotel that is business-oriented and actively working on getting more customers and keeping them satisfied would be brisk in their response on all the possible platforms and mediums. If your emails and calls are falling on deaf ears and no one seems to be interested in replying, it is best to stay away from such hotels.


Many hotels understand how important the location is for travellers, and to look strategically located; they often mislead the potential customers in a politically correct fashion. At times, you might even be fooled by the hotel’s location on Google Maps. Make sure that you verify from other sources when the hotel claims to be 10 -20 minutes from somewhere. It might be tempting to stay in a hotel that is close to a popular site, but verifying it beforehand would be helpful as those 10 minutes away might not be on foot but by a car at the speed of 70 mph.

Do proper research before booking a hotel online as booking a wrong one can destroy your happiness while on vacation and ruin the experience you were expecting completely. It is best to keep the above points in mind and do thorough research before landing on a hotel that would sufficiently meet your expectations.

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