Travelling in Turkey: Top 5 Experiences

Turkey is a passionate test for the avid backpacker and I am lucky to have visited it, Indeed the charming city of Istanbul is often dubbed as the city that spans two continents – you can even cross the Bosphorous by ferry from Europe to Asia. This may have been the only time in my life where I crossed a continent border by boat. Of course, you can easily book Turkey holiday packages all inclusive however, for those on a different budget, this can be accommodated too and these five experiences should fit anyone wanting to visit Turkey.

1 .Marvel at the Sheer Magic of Cappadocia
Without doubt, magical Cappadocia is one of the most beautiful places in the entire world. The magic will never leave you. You can get up early before sunrise and watch this magnificent landscape light up as the sun comes up. On top of that, you can sleep in a cave villa for an authentic local experience.
2. Visit Ataturk’s Mausoleum in Ankara
No visit to Turkey should be complete without visiting Ankara, the country’s official capital. While many think it is just a drab and boring city without researching, will be surprised to hear that there are a whopping 4 million people leaving here, and a truly marvellous Citadel atop a hill, offering scintillating views over Ankara.
However the real gem here is getting to depths with Turkish history and to do this you should visit Ataturk’s Mausoleum. It’s a huge complex including a large museum, many tributes to the man himself and of course Ataturk’s tomb.
3. Touring the Famous City of Adana
The southern city of Adana has some truly magical charms to enthral you. Firstly, don’t let the delicious taste of an Adana Kebab escape you. This city is the home of that very kebab and you can easily get the best kebabs in Turkey here.
As well as that – the Sabanci Mosque has six minarets and is labelled as the biggest Mosque in the Middle East. Yes, bigger than Jeddah, Jerusalem, Abu Dhabi and the Mecca.
The final cool sight in Adana should be the world’s oldest bridge – definitely one to cross and tell the grandchildren about!
4. Discovering the Beauty Istanbul
While Ankara is the capital city, much much more popular is Istanbul and many see this as the real heart of Turkish culture. From the sunset on the Bosphorous to the intricate Blue Mosque to the Hagia Sophia Mosque, there are an endless array of sights. Don’t forget to visit the Bazaar, the Castle and Galatasaray football stadium – Turkey’s most famous team and sole UEFA Cup Winner when they beat English team Arsenal in the final.
5. Indulge in a Turkish Bath in Trabzon
Turkey’s gateway to the Black Sea, Trabzon couldn’t be more enticing. With a beautiful old town, ruined buildings, beaches and a bazar to boast, this is well worth a few days. However the real surprise could be a visit to the famous Turkish Bath. You’ll get scrubbed down completely and you will never have felt so clean in your life. It’s gender segregated and well worth the trip.

These are just 5 of the top experiences to try in Turkey once you have booked one of the popular Europe tour packages that catches your eye!

Safe travels!

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