Top 5 Sights in Rome, Italy

When touring Rome in Italy, you can, in essence, visit two countries in the space of 1 second. Italy and the Vatican City State are both UN members, but the latter is not a FIFA member. You can take a selfie of your foot standing in both countries on the edge of St. Peter’s Square. This is a chance to visit one of the rare landlocked enclave countries in the world. The same can be said about Lesotho and San Marino, but not quite Andorra and Liechtenstein as they have triple borders.

These are five of the main sights to see in Rome, Italy.


Let’s start with the obvious one. UNESCO listed, a landmark of high significance, it’s hard to ignore the Colosseum. Of course if you want to get inside you’ll have to pay; so pay the fee and in you go. It’s huge and takes a few hours if you want to see all the parts of it and get a guide to explain the history to you. I personally loved the Colosseum and will recommend it but you can also see it from the outside and sip a coffee overlooking its magnitude.

2.Spanish Steps
Doing something Spanish in Italy, yeah right? The Spanish Steps are 135 steps that were build partly with French and Spanish assistance between 1723 and 1725. They link the Spanish Embassy and the Trinity Church to the Holy See in Palazzo Monaldeschi.

3.Vatican City State

As mentioned, don’t miss the chance to visit another country here, and you can easily cross the border in St. Peter’s Square to visit the Vatican City State – the home of the Pope. If you want to delve a bit deeper into the history and charm of this Catholic country, you can enter from the museum side of the country and tour the incredible amount of museums inside. From art galleries to gardens to churches, this is a country with an abundance of sights for such a small land area. The Sistine Chapel is a highlight and you will also learn that Michaelangelo was homosexual.

4.Trevi Fountain
Everyone loves a decent fountain to pose by, get wet by and get some selfies with. Trevi Fountain is easy to find and perfect for Instagram. There are some superb ice cream venues and cafes on the streets nearby as well.

5.The Sovereign Military Order of Malta
Have you ever wanted to visit the only country in the world with no land? Well you can do that here in Rome too, as the Sovereign Military Order of Malta actually have a presence in two buildings here, so aim to visit both of them and get a passport stamp. The two places are the Palazzo Malta and the Villa del Priorato di Malta.

Rome is well served by many airlines flying into both the main airports in the city. Connections to the city from the airport are also straight forward, just get a rome airport taxi or a bus to the airport. There are no shortage of hotel and hostel options in the city either.

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