Top 5 Places to Travel with Your Dog in the United States

Traveling with your canine best friend can be an enjoyable and unforgettable trip if you plan accordingly. You don’t want to end up in a town where dogs aren’t allowed anywhere. Most hotels, cafes, and beaches aren’t dog-friendly. Even dog parks can be hard to find in a place that doesn’t value their canine citizens.

Take a trip with your dog pal to any of these 5 places and you’ll get to enjoy many adventures together.

Big Sur

Big Sur on the coast of California is a magical area. From the beautiful jagged cliffs that run along it’s beaches to the redwood forest, there’s no other place like it in the country. Dogs are allowed on some beaches and in certain hiking areas. Brazil Ranch and the Old Coast Road are dog-friendly. If you’re looking for a beach to run on, check out Garrapata Beach.

Santa Fe

Santa Fe, New Mexico, is full of happy dogs. The Santa Fe Rail-Trail and Santa Fe Animal Shelter Dog Park are the best places for your pet to get some exercise. Santa Fe is also special in that it has lots of dog-friendly hotels and restaurants. Even some of the art galleries in town welcome canines in. For an evening of outdoor patio dining, check out La Posada’s Patio Restaurant for a good meal and a solid margarita.


Portland, Oregon might have more dogs than people living in it at this point. Tons of restaurants around the city open their doors to dogs. Many cafes and shops will even have little treats to give out to your dog friend. There are also plenty of parks and hikes you can take together. Powell Butte Park and Mt. Tabor Park are worth spending a day at. You’ll catch some beautiful views of the city, as well.


The Windy City is another popular dog town to visit. Visit Montrose Dog Beach and follow it up with a cruise around the city on the Mercury skyline boat tour. They have a special tour just for canines and a boat equipped with a newspaper-lined area for bathroom business. If you’re feeling like a shopping spree, some major stores like Nordstrom are even open to having dogs in their store. Navy Pier is another wonderful spot to enjoy a walk with your dog on the lake.

New York, New York

The Big Apple also loves its canines. Whether you want to enjoy the beauty and performances at Central Park or take a hike at Inwood Hill Park Trail, there’s plenty of things to do in the city with a dog pal. New York is also full of dog parks. Pretty much every neighborhood has one. As far as lodging goes, there are many hotels around the city that allow dogs to stay over. For dining, a lot of places accept pets in their patio areas. Check out the popular 44 & X restaurant and the Cornelia Street Cafe in Greenwich Village. If you’re taking the ferry, you can bring your dog on board, too. Just make sure you bring a leash! Only leashed dogs are allowed.

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