Thinking About Your Next Family Holiday Now

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Family holidays are something that everyone looks forward to throughout the year. It’s a chance for you all to reconnect and enjoy each other’s company and allows everyone to put work and school to the backs of their minds for a week or two. 


Even though you’re currently planning the Best Christmas Ever™, it’s not ridiculous to take some time in between to start thinking about your next family holiday. Understandably, you’re busy, but with you no doubt working non-stop to plan and prepare, you could do with something to look forward to after the dust of 2029 has settled. Here are some ideas for anyone thinking about your next family holiday now. 


Into the Woods


If your family is one that loves going back to nature time and again, you can research family friendly hotels New Forest to give you an immediate idea of the options available. With so much of the UK even the surrounding countries (France isn’t that far, after all) you’re spoiled for choice with lush, sprawling woods and campsites that can cater to families of any size. 


Diving back into nature gives you the chance to get some fresh air because there’s only so long that the city can appeal to you throughout the year. There are also plenty of activities to embrace wherever you go. From hikes to bike riding to rowing lazily down the river in a kayak, the possibilities are endless, and you never need to worry about getting stuck in traffic on the way home. 


Onto the Ocean


If sleeping rough in a tent isn’t your bag, then why not abandon dry land altogether and look at cruises you and the whole family can take at any time of year. Depending on where you disembark from, you can enjoy the sun, sea, and the sweet ocean air for as long as you like all the while being treated like royalty. 


Ocean cruises offer something different from your standard holiday. While it might feel like you will get tired of the scene eventually, there’s enough to do to keep everybody busy for however long you sail the seven seas. For the kids, there are water slides and even zip lines on some cruises, while mum and dad can lounge by the pool or take a romantic dinner overlooking the vast openness of the Mediterranean. 


Up On High


Being atop a mountain and overlooking the beautiful world to see just how lucky you have it is a feeling that can be hard to match, especially if it’s something you’ve never done before. Climbing Everest might be out of the question, at least this year, but there are still ways for you and the family to get some real perspective on just how small we are. 


January, February, November, and December are the perfect time for you to go on a ski trip. With such a wide range of resorts that provide something for everybody, you’re sure to find something to suit your family’s skill level. Countries such as Bulgaria offer cheap but still enjoyable options for a week-long trip, but if you’re more experienced (and can afford it) Big White in Canada is something that you need to see and conquer at some point. 


On the Shore


Sometimes, though, you want to relax, especially after a hectic year (is there anything other than a hectic year, though?) with this in mind, you can treat yourself to a chilled-out beach holiday somewhere in Europe or even further afar.


Again, there are almost too many options to choose from. You’ve got the white sands of Thailand, the Caribbean flavour of Colombia’s Caribbean coast, or if you’re not fond of spending too long on an aeroplane (don’t blame you), beach holidays in Greece, France, or Italy are all options for you and your family. 


You can usually find a resort that provides entertainment for the kids and the adults, too, so feel free to shop around and see what offers are on. If you start early, you’ll be able to beat the rush come Springtime. 


Ready, Jet, Go!


The hangover of Christmas and New Year (both literal and figurative) may hit you harder than you expected. But, planning out the bones of your next holiday for the family before it’s too late means there’s one less thing to worry about in the new year and also gives you something to look forward to immediately. Don’t be afraid to start counting down the days now, because it will come around sooner than you expect.

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