Staying In Touch A Little Differently On Your Travels

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The second you decide you’re going travelling, everyone tells you that you must keep in touch, send pictures, and Skype as often as possible. Staying in touch helps everyone at home know you’re safe, and they get a little glimpse into what you’ve been getting up to. 

Anyone who’s travelled understands how easy it is to get swept up in the excitement of adventure, and this can affect your communication. You’ll miss one call and then another, and soon nobody knows what on earth is going on. So if you want to keep in touch and try something different, here are some new ideas to try out. 

Ditching Social Media

Social media has made it easier than ever to stay in touch with people no matter where they or you are in the world. However, the focus on social media means that you may miss out on other things going on around you. 

All it takes is one spark to lose yourself into a chain of conversation while you’re supposed to be engaging in the environment around you. You’ll feel like you’re missing out on the banter of the group chat, but it will still be there during your travelling downtime. 

Instead, consider using social media purely for photos and videos and maybe the occasional status update of where you are and where you’re going. There are other ways to keep in touch rather than social media, anyway.

Send a Memento

If you’re of a certain age, you’ll remember how exciting it was to send or receive a souvenir. This memento, like a postcard or little model of something from the destination, gave people a taste of what the place was like and even if they’d never visited there, they got an idea of the most famous spots to see. 

After ditching social media, you want to show everyone they’re still in your thoughts, so if possible, don’t hesitate to send something across land and sea to arrive at their door. Please don’t tell them something is on the way to them, as it will be a pleasant surprise when they get home from work, and any feelings that you’d forgotten about them will dissipate.

Keeping Up With The Important Stuff

It’s important to keep in touch with friends and family, but there are also important things like bills and appointments that require your attention. When you’re travelling, it’s easy to forget about all the important stuff back home, so finding a virtual alternative to PO box can keep you in the loop. 

This works much like a regular PO box, but you can access it anywhere in the world. Instead of relying on people to relay messages to you and potentially missing things, you can keep up to date and never miss an important piece of mail again. 

Never Too Far Away

The world is vast, but not as much as we think it is. By keeping in touch with those at home a little differently, you manage to stay informed with all the crucial goings-on, but also keep your focus firmly on your next adventure.

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