Nine Nifty Ways To Save On Your 2020 Break

Travelling is one of the most expensive things in which you can indulge. If you’re a fan of luxury travel, then you know it’s going to be more expensive than usual. However, it doesn’t have to be! A holiday is a luxury, but it doesn’t have to come with the luxury price tag if you don’t want it to.

With a little forward thinking and some simple tips, you can save money on your 2020 break and still enjoy a fantastic time away without coming home broke and bankrupt and having to sell your house. (Not really, but you catch the drift!)

Check out our nine tips below and let’s get you on holiday this year.

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Always Compare.

You do not have to go for the first price that you find. That is one big mistake that people make when they’re booking their holiday! When you head to comparison websites, you’ll see that there are hundreds of places that you can book your holidays without having to pay the prices that are set by the airlines or hoteliers. If you clear the cookies on your computer when you’re searching, you will also find that you get cheaper deals because your data has been wiped (nifty little trick, there). 

Spend Your Air Miles.

Most people own a credit card and when you use it, you can earn air miles. Many credit cards have membership perks and points available, and a big part of that is air miles on offer. You can convert your bonus points to air miles and this is going to save you a ton of money on two-way tickets. It’s an excellent way to have a family vacation without paying out a lot of money, and you can really enjoy the fact that you’ve saved money on your flights!

Always Travel Light.

It doesn’t matter whether you are going on a cruise ship, flying across the world or road tripping, you need to travel as lightly as possible. If you’re going to travel, you need to make sure that your bags aren’t going to weigh too much – or you’ll be charged extra. Imagine counting your holiday costs to the penny and then finding out that you have another couple of hundred dollars/pounds/yen to put towards it. You can’t pull that cash out of thin air; so plan for it in advance and make sure that you pack lightly!

Check Airline Restrictions.

When you are packing and paying extra luggage charges, make sure that you’re not paying for something that you shouldn’t be bringing. You don’t want to be fined for having things that you’re not allowed to bring on the plane.

Always Travel Off-Season.

You should always travel off-season if you want to save some money, as you won’t be paying out peak prices when everyone else is travelling. If you go out of season, it’ll cost less, be less crowded and you get the chance to indulge in the area on your time – not because others are crowding you!

Eat Like A Local.

Save some cash by eating like a local. Get to know the local cuisine and trying out the dishes. Ask the locals the best places to explore; they’ll point out the places off the beaten track that you may not have discovered without asking. You could also shop like a local in the markets so that you can save some money on eating out altogether.

Choose Three!

If you want to save some real cash, travel as a four. Plenty of vouchers at will show you that when you travel as a four, you can find some bigger discounts. Most hotels and train/air/ship deals are catered to for four people at a time. You’ll feel far more comfortable travelling, and you can make tons of memories.

Transport Options

It’s a big cost, transportation. You need to do as much research about travel methods as possible in the destinations that you are headed to. For example, the Gold Coast has an excellent tram system, but unless you buy a pass for your time there, you could find it a pricey option. So, get to know the areas so that you have the right transportation costs on you. 

Get Your Credit Card Ready

When you travel with a credit card instead of cash, you can rest easy knowing that you have cash available should you need it. Credit cards are a good weapon to wield in your arsenal, so don’t hesitate to use it to get you from A to B.

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