Must-visit Places in Bangkok

If you are looking for a place to visit with bustling livelihood, yet full of heritage sites Bangkok is the right place for you. It is one of the most popular places in the world. Every year a population as huge as million reaches Bangkok to spend the time of their life. In 2017 alone the population of tourist in Bangkok increased to around 25 million. The capital of Thailand has an also successfully bagged its name into the Forbes magazine’s ‘Most Visited Cities in the World’. With a powering demographic structure, Bangkok makes a colossal € 74 per day on an average. It is a perfect place for your leisure and luxury. From floating markets to grand cuisines, the city has it all.

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3 Places that are must visit in Bangkok:

Bangkok promises its tourist to choose from a variety of options. It has exquisite spas, grand hotels, gardens, pools and everything that one can imagine. With the overwhelming amount of places in Bangkok, let us have a look at the 5 places that are must visit in Bangkok:

1. Floating Markets

Imagine if you could hop into a boat and shop all you want while enjoying feisty meals and trail along the waterlines under the basking glory of the sun. Voila! Bangkok has not one, but three exquisite floating markets that lets you shop while sipping your four favorite beverage. From fresh vegetable shops to ethnic food, the floating markets are a big place to prove your love for food. Apart from this, the markets include local shops selling garments and souvenirs that you could take back home. The three fascinating floating market goes by the name Damnoen Saduak, Klong Lat Mayom and the famous Amphawa. Damnoen Saduak is situated about a distance of 139 kilometers in the southwest part of Bangkok.

2. Khao San Road

If you are planning to backpack all the way through Bangkok, this is your paradise. Khao San Road is a heavily active nocturnal juncture in Bangkok and has a huge variety of accommodation for all its travelers. There are mini street bars that come alive at night and it is the perfect place to be for youngsters. One can also find street food and local dishes to devour on. The nightlife in this place is one of the biggest attraction in Bangkok and all you want to live.

3. The Grand Palace 

As happening as Bangkok is, it is also a great place for people who love diversity and culture. The Grand Palace was built in the year 1782 and is full of artifices of Lord Buddha. The sculptures depicting the array of Buddhist culture can make you lose your mind. The palace is a picturesque postcard that you can take back home. One of the most popular sculpture has to be the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, which in Thai is known as the Wat Phra Kaew.

Bangkok is one of the busiest and fastest-growing cities and yet so very promising. It is one of the largest cities in Southeast Asia. It became the capital of Siam also known as Thailand in 1782 and ever since it has developed drastically. The livelihood in the city is astonishing, one must embark on this journey once in their life.

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