Moving Abroad: Tips On Managing The Emotional Toll


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Moving abroad is akin to going on an emotional rollercoaster.

You will be excited, as the opportunity to start life in a new country will be one filled with new opportunities.

Going beyond your usual feelings of travel anxiety, you might start to panic about the prospect of life on foreign shores.

And you will be more than a little sad, especially if you have had to say goodbye to close friends and family.


The move will take its toll on you.


Still, if this is something you ever intend to do, there are ways to make life easier for you.



#1: Find ways to minimise the stress of a move


Moving is always stressful, but more so when you’re moving far away from home. Still, you can make life easier for yourself. 


You’ll be wanting to spend time with family and friends anyway, so enlist their help with packing, and then throw an incredible going away party.


Visit the sites of local and international removal firms, and use an established company, such as, to give you better peace of mind about the logistics of the move.


And ease your financial stresses by using our money-saving tips.


We aren’t saying you won’t experience any stress, but you will have better peace of mind if you can manage some of your expected stressors.


#2: Join as many social groups as you can


As a new face in a new city, you are going to feel more than a little lonely. This will only be exacerbated further if you can’t speak the lingo.


So, our first piece of advice is this: Learn the language before you move; this will make your life a lot easier!


And secondly, find ways to meet new people within the first few weeks of your stay in a new country. This might happen naturally if you have a job to move into, but if not, use Facebook and the appropriate pages on sites such as to find people near you.


#3: Schedule time to catch up with your loved ones


A good way to battle loneliness and feelings of sadness is to regularly stay in touch with your loved ones. Thanks to Skype, Facebook, and international calling cards, it shouldn’t be too difficult (bar the difference in time zones) to catch up with your nearest and dearest on a regular basis. 


#4: Take solace in the familiar


You might be halfway around the world, but that doesn’t mean you can’t watch your favourite Netflix shows (if you make use of a VPN service), drink your usual coffee (bring a supply with you), or go through your usual daily routines. The more you can normalise the experience, the more comfortable you will become, and you will start to feel more at home eventually. 


#5: Have fun!


Sure, you will feel sad for awhile. You might feel nervous too. However, the experiences you have shouldn’t be founded on negativity. You’re in a new land, so enjoy it! Find things to do that you will enjoy. Explore the scenery and enjoy the benefits of exercise. And make new friends, and hang out with them as much as possible. In short, have fun, because there is much to be excited about in your move abroad.


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