Men’s Packing Guide: How to pack for a business trip?

Are you planning an overseas trip for a business meeting? Packing is essential because you can’t move without the right documents, clothes and electronic equipment. It is necessary to pack your wardrobe. For a regular trip, you can pack a blazer, 1 to 2 suits, and some casual attire. A navy blue and grey suit and chinos will help you to dress professionally. Moreover, you will need essential documents to avoid potential complications. Here are some tips that can help you to pack for an overseas business trip.

Choose the Right Wardrobe

Try to pack something dressier, such as Chinos or dress pants. Pack dresses with a heavy fabric like flannel. These may wrinkle less than a high twist lightweight fabric. Make sure to pack pressed suits and hang up in your bathroom. It will give you peace of mind for having a presentable dress. You must have ties, cufflinks, and a white dress shirt. If you need the latest neckties, cufflinks, and pocket square, check the unique collection at Your luggage should contain undershirts because these can keep you fresh all day. To give a versatile touch to personality, feel free to choose pastel colors. Sometimes, bold colors look inappropriate. If you want to give a special touch to your outfit, select versatile accessories, including pocket square, tie, and cufflinks.

Number of Shoes

It can be challenging to carry quality shoes for men because of their weight. If you are traveling for three weeks, three pairs of shoes are sufficient. For several business events, you can select a black cape oxford toe or burgundy shoes. These will make you professional and presentable. For informal events, monk straps, regular lace-ups, and dark brown shoes are versatile options. Remember, you must have shoe trees to keep your shoes in shape. Travel shoe horns are available in the market to protect your shoes from extra pressure.

Bag Style and Size

You will need a giant airbag without risking the limits of an airline. Each airline has different policies for acceptable carry-on. A standard bag with 22” x 13” x 9” dimensions will meet the carry-on limits of all airlines. Some people find it comfortable to travel with a rolling suitcase. Other options include hanger bags, military-style duffels, athletic-style bag, and a messenger bag. Every style has its pros and cons. Consider your convenience before selecting a bag.


You can’t travel without essential documents. For an overseas trip, you can’t leave your house without a passport. A boarding pass is another necessary document. If you have mobile boarding passes, you must have an internet connection. Take a screenshot of boarding passes for their offline use. Moreover, pack a copy of the itinerary, such as evidence to leave the country. You have to show these documents to border security. Print out your transportation details from an airport to accommodations. You must have an address of your destination for tax drivers and customs forms. Some other essentials are smartphone charger, travel adapter, earbuds, power strip, laptop charger, and laptop. These things are necessary to make your business trip successful.

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