Malacca City: The Best Place To Explore In Malaysia?

In every nation, there is a crowning jewel that is chosen to represent the country at large. Malacca City could be the gemstone in the scepter of Malaysia as it’s simply one of the best examples of what the nation is all about. It’s incredibly colorful, bright, has standing ruins of the ancient walls and is situated by the coast. There’s plenty of unique water features in and around the city. The traditional architecture paints a very vivid and proud historical picture that is still celebrated today in many local and religious festivals. However, modernization has taken its toll and now we see more Westernized buildings cropping up, making it a great place for apartment buildings and commercial officers. This is definitely a city worth exploring.

Pitching your tent

Founded in the very latter part of the 14th century, Malacca City has so much to offer in the way of history. The Portuguese Empire arrived in the early 16th century and built many churches, one of which, St. Paul’s, is still standing to this day. The Malacca River runs all through the city, making it a classic coastal location where markets, clubs, museums, and ancient buildings are closely gathered together. If you are to explore this city and take your time, you’ll need an affordable house for rent; especially if you’re traveling with friends. There are plenty of properties that have 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, great for a small group. If you’re traveling with your significant other, you have quite reasonably priced 1 bedroom homes situated in the heart of the city.


A Catholic missionary

The Portuguese Empire was exploring the world more than any other nation in the 16th century. It was truly the only superpower in the world at this time. One of the things it exported was its Catholic faith. St. Paul’s Church was constructed in 1521, which makes this incredible building half a thousand years old now. The classic European architecture can be spotted very easily. The domineering pillars and the white limestone used to construct it looks out of place among the modern city walls, but in a good way. Here, thousands of Malaysian Christians gather to pray and worship as do many pilgrims from around the Malaysian Peninsula. 

The oldest and greatest

When you arrive in Malacca City, one thing will hit you more than any other. The sheer number of Medieval buildings that are kept to such a high pristine condition, is astonishing. One of which is the Cheng Hoon Teng Temple. Standing proudly in classic gold and red colors, it was built in 1646. It’s the oldest Chinese Buddist temple in the country which is why so many people travel from around Malaysia to this incredible structure. You should light an incense stick as hundreds of people do each day. The traditional Chinese roofs can be seen for miles around and make it a great place to stop off during lunch.

Malacca is an incredible coastal state. Malacca City is everything you would hope for. It has an amazing history, incredible food, interesting architecture and you’re right by the beach if you want to take it easy. 

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