Happy Parent Leads To Happy Kids

Parents are very accustomed to making their children the centre of their world, but experts say that your relationship needs just as much nurturing. It can be too easy to put your relationship on the back burner when you have kids, but did you know that your children can sense a lack of closeness between you? Children whose parents relationship has colled down may have more academic or behavioural problems as they grow, children have the natural sense when their parents aren’t happy so it’s important to nurture your relationship as well as your children. 

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Yes, at times it is better for a couple to unfortunately split, it’s more important for the children to see two happy parents, even if that means separately, in this situation you may want to think about hiring divorce solicitors to help, however, you should always try to nurture your relationship first.

Let’s have a look at some of the ways you can help do this: 

Have A Weekly Catchup

You probably always find the time to listen to your best-friend vent or your children concerns, but if your partner comes home irritable you can easily get into the routine of handing over the kids the minute they get home. Tag-team parenting is very common but it can leave you feeling distant and uncared for. To stay connected try making an effort to catch up at least once a week where you can share and vent to each other as you did before having kids. This doesn’t need to always be a downer, especially seems as you have limited alone time, the more you make an effort to catch up the more you will find that you have to moan about. 

Try Not To Coast 

It doesn’t matter how great your relationship was before you had kids, you can’t risk leaving it on autopilot now. With children, there are many things you have to spend your time doing, but you need to make an effort to work on your own relationship too. Address tense subjects and spend quality time together when you can. Communication is key, you can’t just leave your relationship to plod along, it still needs care and attention for you to be happy, which in turn leads to happy kids. 

Make Time To Be Alone 

You make be riddled with the common parent’s guilt of not doing an activity or spending time with your kids, but time alone together is important in order for your relationship to continue to grow. Find a good baby sitter, use the grandparents and book a weekend away every now and then or simply go for something nice to eat one evening a month. If you love the outdoors, go for a walk or have one day a week where you go for a run together. It can be whatever you like, just make the effort to do it and stop feeling guilty. 


These are just three simple ways that you can continue to nurture your relationship to help you stay happy and bring up happy kids. Do you have any other ways that you can share in the comments below?

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