European Getaways: A Weekend in Prague, Czech Republic

The city of Prague in the Czech Republic has been attracting tourists from far and wide for generations. The popularity has increased in recent years thanks to promotion of the famous landmarks, a buzzing nightlife, affordability and cheap flights. As well as cheap flights, the short flying distance from many major European cities is also a huge benefit and indeed many stag and hen parties use this for a weekend break for two days. The city is also perfect for couples who want to get away for some culture, relaxation and good food and drink. As well as having cheap flights and trains in and out, the city is still one of Europe’s cheapest capital cities, making it a fantastic budget destination. Let’s look at some of the major reasons to visit Prague on a short getaway.

1.Bars, Pubs, Clubs: Scintillating nightlife.

Prague is simply a fantastic city for nightlife and there is something for everyone here. Prague nightlife ranges from art deco café lounges to chilled out bars to Irish pubs to buzzing nightclubs. Aim to sample some of the finest Czech beers in one of the world’s biggest drinking nations. Aside from lagers and pilsners, the Czechs are now also embracing dark beers and ales and there are a crop of excellent Craft Beer pubs opening up at the moment.

2.Marvellous Views
After a night on the tiles, a bit of walking is required to enjoy the sights of Prague. A superb easy and short upward climb is to the top of Prague Castle. Here, you
Please write an article about how Prague is a great destination for a weekend boys/lads trip. Reasons could be, affordability, short flight time from every major city in Europe, beauty/history of the city and famous night life (and attractive women).

3.Interesting Museums
Prague is bunged full of interesting museums and art galleries. The National Museum and the Franz Kafka Museum are two of the most popular picks. But you can also find intrigue at the Communist Museum, war sadness at the Jewish museum and some spice and raunchiness at the Sex Machines Museum. The city has some great Eastern European art galleries too, particularly the Museum of Decorative Arts.

4.Potential Slavic Partners
Handsome guys and pretty girls are the name of the game in Prague which has often been voted the sexiest and most attractive city in Europe for picking up a hidden gem. Flaunt your stuff with the locals in your attempts to find that perfect Slavic partner. To ensure you have a better chance in the dating game, do yourself a favour and learn some Czech first!

5.Czech Cuisine

Food wise, you are in for a treat and you will discover some dishes that are not available anywhere outside the Czech Republic (or Czechia). Try the Svíčková na smetaně (marinated sirloin), the Sekaná pečeně (baked mincemeat) or the Moravský vrabec (Moravian sparrow). Moravian sparrow is actually a hearty pork based dish. As well as these options, local soups are highly recommended and there is an up and coming vegan and vegetarian scene to satisfy all taste buds.

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