For the city that does sleep; rent an apartment in Brooklyn with Airbnb

New York is expensive.

It is expensive to fly to from Europe, and the accommodation options aren’t much better price wise.

New York is also busy, and loud; taxi’s buses and people; so many people. During our time in New York, we spent a considerable time in Manhattan, visiting the sights, but at the end of the day, we were glad to be getting out of there.

A fairly typical, busy scene at Times Square, New York City


For our five nights in the city, we rented a little studio apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and after crossing the bridge to the other side, we instantly felt like we were home. Not only that, but it was quieter, and it felt like being part of a community.

Brooklyn – home sweet home for 5 days


How much does it cost to rent an apartment?

We rented through Airbnb Our apartment was £100 per night (or US $150)  plus a cleaning fee. If you were staying in Manhattan, you’re likely only to get a small pod hotel room for this price. There are cheaper options, but I specifically wanted to stay in Williamsburg, as this was a surprise trip for my sister, and she has always wanted to stay in Williamsburg, as the character in her favourite book (I heart New York), stayed there. Plus it is a really hip neighbourhood.

What was our apartment like?

It was beautiful and stylish. Owned by lovely girl, who appeared to be in the fashion designing business. Her apartment was on the 5th floor (of a 6 storey building), and we got nice views (including nice sunrises) out of our window. It was quiet outside, and inside, so we slept off our jet lag and tiredness from trekking around the city well.

We stayed at an apartment block on North 10th Street. It was super fancy inside, and the lobby area felt more like a hotel, that apartments



Kitchen, lounge area with a wall divider for our bedroom area, utility room for laundry, bathroom with bath and shower.

The apartment was serviced, so it was cleaned, there was a doorman, a terrace where you could relax or BBQ, and a gym to sweat off all that fatty American food.

The outdoor terrace at our apartment in Brooklyn


Pros of an apartment rental versus a hotel

  • Flexible check out time (we could have our apartment until whenever we needed to on our last day, although we had to leave at lunch time anyways to get to the airport).
  • More space; more than just one room, and an ensuite, but we had an area to sit down and relax at, a large bathroom and a kitchen. We also had a washer and dyer to be able to do our laundry before we left.

I will definitely be using Airbnb again, and think you should if you are headed to New York, but even if you are not; Airbnb is a great site to book accommodation. If you want £16 or US $25 off your first booking, click here.


Have you ever rented an apartment on your travels – and have they always been as good as on the advert?

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