Adding An International Twist To British Food Favourites

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When you travel the world and taste all of the amazing food that it has on offer, returning to UK cuisine can be a bit anticlimactic. Britain is not really known for its food on the world stage, in fact, it is quite often the butt of many an international joke. 

Of course, there are plenty of things that are great about British Food. Alternatively, with the right international influence, it is entirely possible to create something with a little bit of flair. Here are some ways of adding an international twist to your meals. 

The Brussel Sprout

Love it or loathe it, the brussel sprout is the quintessential element in any British roast dinner. The UK consumes more sprouts per head than the rest of Europe, yet most people that you ask will tell you that they don’t really enjoy the vegetable.

Whether Brits are eating the spout out of enjoyment, or as a matter of national principle remains to be seen. If you want to make your sprouts more bearable, then you may want to consider looking at how other countries enjoy theirs. 

By adding honey and balsamic vinegar to oven roasted brussel sprouts you will get a completely different vegetable. With all of the taste and excitement that you might expect from Italian cuisine.

Roast Potatoes

There is obviously nothing wrong with roast potatoes. While people’s views may differ on the sprout, roast potatoes are widely regarded as one of the best things about a British meal. 

If you do ever fancy a completely different twist, Greek-style roast potatoes make a very tasty alternative. By cooking the potatoes in olive oil alongside onions and with a whole host of herbs such as rosemary and thyme, along with lemons, you will have beautifully flavored roast potatoes that make a great accompaniment to many different meals.  

The Full English Breakfast 

There are so many different ways that you could enjoy your full English breakfast. There is no need to just pile it all onto a plate. Why not throw in some slow-roasted tomatoes sprinkled with herbs? You could swap out the British sausages for some German ones. Chopping up some onions in your baked beans and adding a splash of chili powder.  Alternatively, you could bake your whole breakfast into a pizza. Just throw it onto a pizza base with some cheese and tomatoes and you will have breakfast and lunch all in one. 

The Yorkshire Pudding

The Yorkshire pudding is a vital element to any roast dinner. But it can be served up on its own in a range of very exciting ways. One of the most interesting ways to eat a Yorkshire pudding is as a pizza. 

Rome meets Leeds when you make a giant Yorkshire pudding and then fill the inside with tomato puree and cheese. Don’t forget to add all of your favorite pizza toppings too such as pepperoni, olives, onions, or just garnish it with a sprinkle of basil and black pepper.

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