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Returning to Wellington – May 14th-16th

I am so glad that it is Friday tomorrow, and IΒ will get a bit of a rest, with very little planned (for once!)

After being at work all day on Monday, I decided that the obvious thing to do, before getting on a flight to Wellington would be to go to a zumba class (obviously!) I had about an hour after I got back to get showered, changed and double check all my belongings.

I took an excessively large suitcase, as I was required to bring a gym mat for the seating course I attended. Although in hindsight, I should have packed things in a wee case an than took the gym mat on as carry on.

I arrived in an extremely cold and rainy Wellington after 10pm. Coming from a fairly mild, and rather warm Monday here, this wasn’t a nice change. I decided on staying at the Base backpackers in Welly this time, as last time in the YHA, I didn’t sleep too well. The base wasn’t much better. The hostel itself is nice. I checked into the sanctuary, which is a girls only dorm area. You get a little ‘pamper pack’ with toiletries and a towel. There are also thick duvets on the beds and hairdryers in the bathrooms.

However, on reflection, although much more expensive, I would have chosen a hotel. I think a hostel is acceptable if you are travelling and don’t have to get up at 6am for a course the next day. Also, after a full on day at work, the last thing you want to do is talk to strangers. In my dorm for the first night, I shared with one other girl. A Swiss girl, who had been travelling around NZ for the last 4 months. She obviously disliked the cold, as the heater was on full whack. My sleep was pretty poor all night. Probably due to the heat, my paranoia that I would sleep in and miss my bus, or the fact I had my poly pro (under layers) on as PJs. I am tending to sleep in them these days due to how cold it gets at night.

I managed to find my way to the hospital ok, and got through day one of the course. Amazing encounter whilst I was there though! 4 years ago (or a little less perhaps) I did my final elective in the community on the Isle of Man. Whilst I was there I shared a floor of the nurses accommodation and also spent time with a kiwi physio. On our first meeting, in our dingy little kitchen, I asked her what part of Australia she was from. She returned the question asking me what part of Wales I was from. We had a laugh and I got talking about how I had family in New Zealand, and how I’d love to work there one day. She then encouraged me to get all my paperwork in order as soon as, as it was easiest that way, and to come out, as NZ is “awesome” (She is right!)

So in this training, I instantly recognised this lady, but quickly disregarded it thinking that I couldn’t possibly know anyone from NZ, particularly in Wellington. We got talking later. In fact, she was my partner for our physical assessment aspect of the course. Turns out – it was the physio I worked with on the Isle of Man. She didn’t remember me, but we compared dates and other random facts. It is such as small world.

On Tuesday night, I headed to the San Francisco bathhouse, which is a small wee venue in Wellington, on the happening nightlife area of Cuba Street. The NZ International comedy festival was on, and I got tickets to see Craig Campbell – a Canadian comedian (jeez, a lot of C’s in that sentence!) He was hilariously funny, although I did look at some clips of him on you tube beforehand to remind myself of him, and he did reuse some of his material. Nevertheless, great night!

Sleep was equally as poor on Tuesday night as the night before. The base backpackers is a bit of a party venue. So again, not the best choice to stay in before a course. The have a basement bar, which looks great, but the noise filters up through all the floors.

I had a bit of a fight with Wellington’s public transport on Wednesday morning, or I wanted to. The 7.48am and 08.03am buses did not arrive. I was very close to calling a cab, when the 08.13am bus arrived. Bearing in mind I had to be in the Hutt (Hutt Hospital) by 9am, with the journey taking up to 50 mins #stress.

All in all, not an amazingly eventful trip to Wellington. The weather was shocking, and some flights to Auckland were cancelled, but I got back to ChCh ok thankfully.

Not much else to report on, apart from majorly fighting with public transport today on several occasions After going to another study day morning (#head full of information), I attempted to get back to the office, and went in the total wrong direction. Still, it made my day a tiny bit shorter.Β 

This weekend I am attending a race day with my church, who have hired out a race track, so proper real life top gear, were we can go and thrash around old cars on a track – amazing!

I’ve decided to try and get a wee bit fitter and so I have entered ‘mud, sweat and tears 2012’ which is a 5K (or 10k! but I am doing the 5K) challenge around a track – basically a massive obstacle course in the mud. People also dress up, so I am currently research costume ideas. Epic!

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