Why you should consider going to Prague this summer

As summer 2018 approaches, many of you will be planning your holidays. Travelling across to mainland Europe from the UK is a great option. There is a range of countries and cities to choose from, often with great flight prices.

For the city break enthusiasts amongst you, why not consider going to Prague this summer?

Prague is one of those cities that you will instantly fall for. From the medieval charm of the old town to the grand Vltava river running through it, and incredible city views that can be taken in from the castle.

Prague can be explored in a few short days, or within a week.

We spent a long weekend in Prague a few summers ago, and it will remain one of our top city break destinations in Europe.

Here are some of the reasons we loved Prague and why you should consider going:

1. It has a castle

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you will know that I love castles. I visited the largest one in Poland last year, and have seen many in England, and Wales. They are so grand from the outside, with so much history on the inside.

(side note: we looked into a castle as a wedding reception when planning our wedding but ended up not feeling grand enough for it). 

Prague castle is one of the most significant monuments in the Czech Republic, and a UNESCO heritage site. Consisting of large-scale palaces and Christian churches. The style is varied and includes Romanesque ruins from the 10th century through to the Gothic era of the 14th century.

Admission to the castle grounds varies in price between 250 and 350 Czech Koruna, depending on how much you want to see.

2. The old town charm

I love cities which comprise of old and new towns. The contrast is so inviting and gives you plenty to explore. I particularly enjoy seeing how cities have withheld the character of the old town and built a life around and within it.

Prague is one of those such old towns. Its cobblestone streets and brightly coloured facades, and lively atmosphere will leave you lingering.

Buildings vary in architecture from the medieval astronomical clock to the Gothic Church of Our Lady Before Tyn.

One way of seeing an overview of the Old Town is by climbing the astronomical clock tower. This costs 250 Czech Koruna and is worth the climb.

3. The views

I have always said that the best way to see a city is on foot, but also from up high and from a distance. You often get a better appreciation for where you are.

Prague has a few great vantage points, such as the clock tower as mentioned above.

The grounds of the Castle and the gardens just below it will over you stunning views of the city.

Another place to capture a glimpse of the city is from Letenský profil (the national monument)

As you descend into the city from here, more and more of it will appear from behind the trees.

4. The river

You guessed it, another aspect of locations I love also include rivers or lakes. There is something mesmerising and tranquil about a river or lake. I could spend hours just wandering around them.

The river Vltava is the longest in the country, stretching a whopping 267.4 miles.

Viewing the river is possible from the multiple bridges in the city. The most famous of all is the Charles Bridge, which leads directly into the Old Town. It is beautiful, but if you are visiting in the summer, you will be overrun by other tourists, buskers and street vendors.

5. The crazy buildings

Prague is blessed with a number of beautifully architectured buildings from a number of different eras. It has also been gifted with a few unusual buildings, one being the dancing house, or Fred and Ginger (after dancers Fred Astaire and  Ginger Rogers). The building sits on the waterfront as is said to resemble a pair of dancers.

The building now has a hotel, restaurant and gallery within it.

Another structure which confused me somewhat was the Petrin Tower, which strongly resembles the Eiffel Tower. It is obviously not as tall as the actual Eiffel Tower. Standing at 63 metres vs 324 metres.

The tower is another point where you can overlook the city, and a ticket will cost you 150 Czech Koruna.

I had an incredible time in the city, and think it is a great option, with so much choice for any kind of traveller.

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