Visiting Mount Wellington, Tasmania

Mount Wellington, Hobart, Tasmania
At the summit of Mount Wellington, Tasmania

One of the reasons we choose to stay in the hostel we did, was because they offered a free shuttle to Mount Wellington on a Thursday. However, when we got to the hostel, we were informed that due to Christmas, the driver of the shuttle was on holiday.

Unsure if we were going to go up, we looked at alternative things to do in and around the Hobart area.

We looked into car hire, to drive to the historic Port Arthur, or elsewhere in Tasmania, but a one day car hire would have cost us $150!

In the end, we called a shuttle bus company to see if it was open on Boxing Day, and it was. $25 later, we were on our way.


Initially I thought we would be taken up there, left and able to get a later shuttle, but the shuttle was just that … a ride to the top and a 30 minute look around.

You could get dropped at the top, and walk the track down to the bottom, and later get a city bus back into the city. However, we weren’t prepared for a hike, so opted to have a short look around and to back with the bus.

The journey to the top took about 40 minutes. We had an informative tour guide that threw out a number of facts to us along the way.

The bus to the top went through forest and a windy track. On the way we passed several people walking or cycling up, which was crazy, as it was quite steep.

When at the top, we saw the most stunning views of Hobart, Tasmania. Just beautiful. These pictures will speak more than my words can.


P1020585P1020593A visit to Mount Wellington is a must if you’re in the area. Its Tasmania’s second hugest mountain (Cradle Mountain on the west coast is the biggest), but I’d definitely recommend spending more time at the top. Visit the toilets (best view from a toilet I’ve seen) and if you’re fit enough and prepared, do a hike (tramping) when you’re there.


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