Travelling solo one day at a time

Have you ever wanted to travel solo, but have felt apprehensive, and thought it may be too hard, or that it would push you out of your comfort zone?


Well it will .. but travelling Solo is easier done than you think, if you just remember this one piece of advice I am about to share with you.

Today marks 5 weeks into my 18 week trip around South East Asia, and I’ve done and seen so many wonderful things so far.

Before I left to travel, I wrote about the things about that worried me about travelling on my own, and five weeks ago, as I was sat in a coffee shop with a friend in Christchurch, the day before I left thinking ‘gosh .. October is a long way away yet …’ I felt so unorganised, I felt like every aspect of my trip should have been planned already.

Then my friend said: ‘All you need to think about now is that tomorrow, you are getting on a plane and flying to Bali.’

‘Don’t think about where you’ll be in 4 weeks time, 3 months …’Just take one day at a time.’


This is by far the best advice I’ve received about travelling. Some of the fears I wrote about are still there at times, but I’ve gained a new perspective on things. I’ve learnt to be a lot more flexible, and spontaneous with the way that I travel, and it has been amazing.

Although I’m travelling Solo, I am rarely on my own. In most backpacker accommodations there will be people who are in the same boat as you. You connect with people quite quickly, and often have a great time.

Travelling one day at a time can often put the scary thoughts of ‘how I’m I going to make it to this month? Will I have enough money’ to rest.

There is one contradiction to this phrase however. When I say travel one day at a time, I don’t mean that literally. Don’t arrive at a destination and say ‘oh what do I do here.’ You can spend some downtime planning your next location, but don’t feel you have to have it all down packed and planned to the hour. My family have soon got used to me sending a message to say ‘change of plan .. I’m off to this place’.

I am normally the biggest ‘faffer’, and panic about everything. Wondering what’s next, but I am learning to take one day at a time, and enjoy each day and where I am at.

So if I can travel solo, you can too .. Quit your job, but a ticket and go. It’ll change you for the better.







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