Three architectural gems in Rotterdam, Netherlands

“This could be Rotterdam or anywhere
Liverpool or Rome
‘Cause Rotterdam is anywhere
Anywhere alone.”

There are never truer lyrics than these ones, by The Beautiful South, as I arrived into Rotterdam in the evening, leaving the very next morning.

That of course was not the plan (as it never is with my travels).

The plan was to have most of an afternoon in Rotterdam, to the next morning, but traffic prevented this.

Nevertheless, no matter how brief the encounter was, I still saw some awesome things, so if you find yourself in the city of Rotterdam for a quick fling, here are 3 stunning pieces of architecture you should check out

Markthal building


Is it a hotel? Is it a market?

Well, it is actually both!

The Markthal building (translated to Market Hall), is a relatively new building (completed in 2014), and sits within an incredible central square. It has apartments, office blocks, underground parking and a market (retail space). It is a bit genius, and is so much better when viewed at night.

If you’d like to see this wonderful building, you can get a tram to Rotterdam Blaak station, which is right outside.

Rotterdam Blaak station
Rotterdam Blaak station



Also known as the cube houses, these are a set of innovative houses, first built in Holland in the 1970s, and later brought to the city of Rotterdam. They were designed and based on a concept of “living as an urban roof”.

Pretty spectacular if you ask me.

This is also based outside Rotterdam Blaak station (can you tell I travelled far?)



The Erasmus bridge is a cable stayed bridge, the second largest in Holland, and sits alongside a vibrant waterfront in the city.


I’l definitely want to return to Rotterdam one day. I missed out on a lot, but glad I got to see these few sights.


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