The New Zealand Travel Bucket List

My New Zealand Bucket List

Not long after I arrived in New Zealand for the second time (January 3rd 2012), I decided to create a New Zealand bucket list.

There were two reasons for this:

  1. My visa (working holiday) and subsequently work contract was for 12 months
  2. Wherever I have lived, I’ve always left saying “I wish I visited there … or did that”.

So in my first year here (I am coming up to two years in the country), I wrote a big list and stuck it to my wardrobe. I periodically added to the list, the more I discovered about New Zealand. The list was comprised of places as well as experiences.

The classic hold the landmark shot: The lighthouse at Cape Regina, Northland.

I got through the majority of them in my first 6 months. I still have a number of places and things I want to do and see.

Some of the awesome things on the list have been … Lake Tekapo (the lake, the views, the pretty church, hot pools and ice rink)

Luppins at Lake Tekapo, with Mount Cook in the background


Bungy jumping in Auckland

Bungy jumping off Auckland harbour bridge (look at that face!)

Swimming with dolphins in Akaroa

Getting close to the world’s smallest dolphins, the Hector’s Dolphin in Akaroa
Reflecting at the Mirror Lakes, Lake Matheson, South Westland

Climbing through ice tunnels on Fox Glacier

Getting comfortable in an ice cave. Fox Glacier, South Westland

Eating Huhu grubs at the Hokitika Wild foods festival

Grubs on the menu. Eating a Huhu Grub at the Wild Foods festival

There are many more awesome things about New Zealand,  and if you read through my blog from the past year and a half, you can read the stories of these adventures. Remaining on the to see/do list are, Napier (wine country), The alpine crossing, and Milford or Doubtful sound.

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