The do it yourself Eco-Adventure, Iguacu falls, Brazil

“One way to get the most out of life, is to look upon it as an Adventure – William Feather”.

This is the statement that I base my life on. In fact, anything that sounds like an adventure, and I am on it.

So when I was told of an ‘Eco-Adventure’ I could do whilst exploring the Iguacu Falls in Brazil; I was sold on it.

The Eco Adventure in question, was an add on activity, whilst exploring the falls. There were similar ones including Jeep Safaris and taking a boat trip down to the foot on the falls. However, I thought a 9km bike ride, 3km walk and kayaking seemed like much more fun.


After being dropped off by the free shuttle bus, with my friend, we found that we were the only two at the hut, despite the next tour starting in 30 minutes. We paid the 180 Reals (about £35) for the 4 hour trip, and waited.


It turned out that we were to be the only two on that trip of the day.

After meeting our “guide” we had a walk through the forest to a muddy track road. At this point, I got sorted with a bike, which I’d be riding the 9km on.


My friend is unable to ride a bike, so she took the other option of doing the track in the Jeep.


The guide cycled with me for about 10 minutes, then told me to go in from of him. I was cycling for a good bit of time, before realising that he was not behind me, and I was left in the forest track myself; until I saw the Jeep slowly following behind.


I continued for most of the track, until getting a little tired, with all the hills, and quite frankly, lack of encouragement to continue. So I was taken the rest of the way in the Jeep.

A muddy 'do it yourself' eco adventure, after riding a bike through a dirt track road
A muddy ‘do it yourself’ eco adventure, after riding a bike through a dirt track road

The next leg of the adventure was to walk through the forest to see wildlife. The forest appeared unkempt, and apart from the occasional butterfly, we didn’t see any wildlife.


Though were told that just the other day, there were various types of wildlife passing though.



Our short walk led us to a tree house, which again was poorly maintained (with slats falling off the side).

CJP10353Our guide disappeared at this stage, and told us to go up to the hut, whilst he went to help the other guide prepare the boat and kayak.


We baked in the sun, and looked out at the mirky water for the next 15 minutes, before being guided back the way we came, to the boat.


The boat ride was possibly one of the best bits of the tour. We cruised around for about 30 minutes,  close to the edge of the falls. We were pointed out that on one side was Brazil, and the other was Argentina, which I found very cool – and wandered that if you took a trip on a boat yourself, whether there  was a little immigration check point in the trees.


We were given a small packed lunch box of snacks, with a bottle of water; which with the heat and activity, was most welcome.

I soon got ushered to get into an inflatable kayak, and was given a life jacket, and basically got told to paddle.

Having no idea where I was going, I followed the boat for a little while, and generally paddled in circles, as my ability to kayak is pretty shocking at times.


After 30 minutes of going up and down in the water, I was taken back onto the boat, and we got back on dry land.


At this point, it seemed like our adventure was over – despite the fact that we were not given much information at all. We were taken out to an uncovered jeep buggy, and made to wait there in the rain for 20 minutes, whilst the safari trip were returning.

The tour officially ended by getting dropped off the end of the road, and given directions to the nearest bus stop.


Overall, I wasn’t impressed by this so called Eco Adventure. It was no more of an adventure than what we had already experienced by walking around the falls ourselves.

If you are heading to the Iguacu Falls in Brazil, I’d think carefully about doing this tour.

It may have been a lazy tour guide, think he could get away with doing not so much, due to the size of the group.

I know I wouldn’t choose to do it again, sadly.



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