The 5 Best Ways to Occupy Yourself Online While Travelling

As a modern traveller, Wi-Fi and staying online is now available almost everywhere we go. It still surprises me that so many buses, trains, cafes, bars and shopping malls now have free Wi-Fi. Of course, there are security concerns over open networks, but being online on the move is easier than it ever has been before.

Not to mention the number of airports now with free Wi-Fi (or even bars and cafes within those airports). Here are the best 5 ways to occupy yourself online while travelling.

1.Social Media
Stay connected with your friends and family while abroad through social media. I am active on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. This helps my readers stay in touch, helps me continue to contact those I love when I am abroad and generally connecting with people is much easier now since it was 20-30 years ago.

2.YouTube Videos
Sometimes it is easy to just play one song you like on a YouTube video and it automatically gives you a playlist, running into the next few videos by random order. The range of videos on YouTube is now huge, so there are no shortage of options for what to watch.

3. Online Games
For computer game freaks there are just so many options now online. You can be playing games like Grand Theft Auto or the Witcher with people from a country you’ve never even heard of. This sort of online gaming also builds up networks of new virtual friends, some of which you can meet in real life and form new friendships. You can also delve into online football gaming, sports bets and even bingo. For UK bingo, visit the website here.

The best option for movie lovers is Netflix. The best thing is it is free for the first month, so in theory you will never have to pay for it. Just keep signing up each month with a different email address. As well as great movies, they also have TV shows and popular series for viewing. From Friends to the Back to the Future series

5. Skype
Good old Skype always comes in handy on your travels although admittedly the connections are not always good and the quality of calls can vary. But if you want to speak to your loved ones while on that exciting train journey, then as long as you have Wi-Fi (or are using your minutes), this is a great option.

Aside from this, there are of course many other ways to stay occupied online, and indeed offline on your travels.


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