Sweet temptations at Mr Pancake Gdynia, Poland

Life is sweet, and this statement could never be truer when visiting Mr. Pancake in Gdynia, Poland.

From the moment you step through the doors of Mr. Pancake, you know that you’ll be telling yourself that every calorie you’ll be consuming, will not count. You will also tell yourself that the diet starts tomorrow.


Whilst in Gdansk, I was craving something sweet, so decided to visit, and satisfy my cravings.

Where is Mr. Pancake?


Mr. PancakeΒ is an American retro themed cafe in Gdynia, the northern Tricity of Gdansk, whose mantra is ‘F*ck the diet’.

The cafe is a short walk from Gdynia station.

Inside, there are ‘Grease pink’ coloured walls, and a 90s games console in the corner.


The staff are young, hip and trendy and Eminem plays loudly over the speakers. The sweet smell hits you as soon as you walk in, and it appears to in linger in your pores longer after you have left.

Menu at Mr. Pancake


As expected, Mr. Pancake serves pancakes.

Who knew?

Pancakes served are both sweet and savoury, but all are equally as calorific.


M&Ms Baby was the pancake stack of my choice. This was a stack of 5 pancakes, layered with Nutella, chocolate sauce, and M&Ms. A chocolate-carb overload.

Image credit: Mr.Pancake

As well as Pancakes, other foods on offer include mac and cheese fries, and burgers.

Image credit: Mr.Pancake
Image credit: Mr.Pancake

You can also grab a drink to wash it down with. Their hot chocolate is intense, but worth it, and served with a side of oreo cookies.

CJP_7156If you want something a little healthier, then you could opt for a smoothie. However, Mr. Pancake isn’t really for the health concious, so don’t kid yourself.


If you want some more mouth-watering images to follow on your daily scroll, then follow Mr. Pancake on Instagram.

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