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In a todays tecnhnology driven World, staying connected is of paramount importance. As a travel blogger, having access to the internet is fundamental. I use it to check and reply to emails, as well as plan different aspects to my trip.

Nowadays many mobile providers offer data when roaming, but this can come at heafty price tag. When travelling in Montenengro and Albania recently, my mobile network were charging £6 (6.50 Euro) per MB for internet useage.


With that text message upon landing, I decided that I would go without internet on the trip. I survived of course, but there were so many times that it was frustrating. The WiFi connection in many places I stayed was sketchy and frustrating to use.

It is of course nice to be able to swtich off at times, and I found that the trip helped me appreciate the country a whole load more.

However for my next few trips, I’ll be travelling along with a new brightly coloured travel buddy.

CJP Skyroam 008

Meet the SkyRoam Solis

Recently I was sent a SkyRoam Solis device to try out, and have found that it will be super useful for all my upcoming travel in Asia.

This brightly coloured coaster sized device, can easily fit inside your handbag for convenient travelling, and you’re bound to never lose sight of it.

CJP Skyroam 016

What is Sky Roam Solis?

A few years back, SkyRoam launched the first ever pocket WiFi device, which became a favourite amongst travellers. They are now launching their new device (The Solis) in Europe which provides superfast global 4G internet.

How does it work?

After charging up the device (it is reccommended that you put it on charge for 4-8 hours for a full battery). Getting connected is so easy. You power it up then press the WiFi button on the top of the device. Locate the network on your device (phone/laptop/tablet) and connect using the password located on a sticker at the bottom of the Solis.


It is that simple. No SIM cards or complicated USB connections needed. So the device could even be in your bag, and you’d still be connected.

I tried it out recently when travelling to and around London for work. It was so simple to connect, and took me about 10 minutes. Once you connect, you’ll get 20 minutes of free internet in order to register.


Once connected, you’ll have a home screen which will give you a signal, how many devices (connections) there are and the battery life of the Solis. It will also tell you how many day passes you have on your account. After this, hit start and you’re ready to roll.

CJP Skyroam 006

Where can you use SkyRoam?

SkyRoam works in over 100 countries

CJP Skyroam 011

How much data do you get?

Data is unlimited, so you can spend as long as you’d like connected to the internet.

Charge up: (One device, Two functions) 

The absolute beauty of the Sky Roam Solis is that it is one device, but has two functions. The Sky Roam Solis comes with a powerbank charger built into the side. So after a whole day of exploring, snapchatting, instagramming and using maps for directions to local hangouts, you can continue to use it through charging from the Solis.

5 Devices connected

Great news if you are travelling as part of a group. The SkyRoam Solis will provide internet for up to 5 devices, which is a great cost saving.

Battery life

The SkyRoam Solis is powered by high performing tesla-type batteries, and if fully charged the device can last over 16 hours.

Cost of Sky Roam Solis

SkyRoam Solis costs £155 (179 Euros) and with this you will recieve a 1 day free WiFi pass. There are no complicated contracts or committments. You can then purchase extra daypasses and use when you need to, with no expiration date.

Buy your Sky Roam Solis here.

I certainly loved trying out my SkyRoam Solis recently, and exctied to be taking it along with me on future journeys around the World.

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