Snow in June: a southern hemisphere winter

We are now 7 days into winter in New Zealand, and this is what happened a few days ago (June 6th 2012)


It started at 8am (photo one top left hand corner) as I was leaving for work, and (top left) is what the end result was around 4pm when it stopped.

I thought initally when I arrived that I’d find it very strange to see snow in June, and I guess yes, when I think about it, it is strange. However, when the endless summer finished at the end of last month, I adapted to the cold. One of the most bizarre things I felt about this time was the fact that they played “let it snow” on the radio. It made me want to go out and buy Christmas presents and put up lights and eat an inordenant amount of food!

I left work at 3pm to finish off bits at home on the laptop at 3pm. I had to go past a shoe shop to get Welly’s (also known as gumboots here!)

I think if anything, living in New Zealand has taught me how to dress a lot better for the winter. At home, I’d just chuck on a jumper and coat, but here, it is all about the merino’s and polypro’s as base layers or ‘ice breakers’.

I’ve certainly learnt through standing at the rugby most saturdays and freezing myself. I’ve started to wear thermal leggings underneath and it works rather well.

Tonight is the first test match of Ireland Vs All Blacks, so I am hoping to find an irish bar and watch them. They are due in Christchurch next week, which I am very much looking forward to. Should be a great atmosphere.

Snow started to melt yesterday. It is surprising how quickly it melts when the sun comes out. So I made a snowman!


Bailey all rugged up for a winter walk. Bless.

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