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Will Rogers once said that “you will never get a second chance to make a first impression.” which is why when representing yourself, you want to do it in a way that stands out.

As a travel blogger, the main way that I represent myself is online, through word of mouth. However, there are increasing occasions were I need to represent myself offline.

I do this face to face, but often like to leave a token of our meeting for future reference. I do this by handing over a business card.


I recently had a new batch of business cards designed and printed, by Aura Print, a UK based company that print Luxury Business cards. I love the end result of my business cards, and so wanted to share with you my views.

Are you in need of a new business card?

In order to get your own business cards printed from Aura Print, you can have a look online and choose from the options given to you which will include the type, thickness of the card, colour and finish. The business card type I choose to go for was the Impakt colour core cards.

After inputting this, the website will run you off a quote. Next you’ll add in details of what you wish your business cards to look like, then pay and await processing.


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The team will then get in touch with you, and will ask for any high quality logos or design work you may have. They will then get to work on designing the face of your business.

Prior to accepting the print, you will be able make a number of changes, until you are entirely happy.

I am the most indecisive of customers, and made about 3-4 changes, with emails bouncing back and forth, until I settled on the design that arrived on my doorstep just days after I accepted the proof of the cards.


What is so special about the Impakt colour core cards?

The uniqueness of the Impakt colour core cards are that they are made from super double thick card, and are twice the thickness of a regular business card. They weigh in at 800gsm, and they certainly feel like great quality when placed into your hand.

The thick card also means that they won’t get lost amongst other single thickness business cards, so you can be guaranteed that your card will stand out.


As the name suggests, the cards have a core colour running through the middle, which you can choose when you order your cards.

I choose the bright factory yellow core colour for my cards, so they stood out even more. You can also add a gloss or matt laminate finish, if you want something a little extra special.

I was really impressed with my cards from Aura Print. The team were friendly and professional, and really listened to what I wanted, which is key when having someone design something as important as a business card.

My business cards make a great addition to my growing blogging business, and I know they are the right ones to make a good impression.



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