The day I quit my 40 hour per week job, to travel


“Quit your job, and travel the World.”

Sounds like a bit of a dream, something only the real brave and daring could do.

Well today, I’ve done just that, and on Tuesday, I’m off on my Asian backpacking adventures.

I don’t feel particularly brave or daring. I’ve always transitioned from one thing to another, with a clear plan. From university to a job, from that job to another in New Zealand, to … nothing but the World for 4 months!

It doesn’t feel real yet. It feels like a regular weekend, and I’ll be back to work on Monday, but as I look around my scarcely filled room, with a box in the corner, my rucksack in the other and a load of other things I need to sort, scattered around. I know its going to get real.

After two and a half years of working in New Zealand, today I handed in my ID badge, phone, and had a continual stream of goodbye hugs and a lot of tears from 2pm onwards.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time of work in New Zealand; I’ve learnt to navigate through a broken city, (I’ll never complain about road conditions, traffic or diversions ever again!). I’ve learnt to read a Map, seen a heck of a lot of the country, and learnt to play equipment Jenga (OT reference!) I’ve worked with many incredible and skilful people, and have had an amazing time.

Yesterday, I had a leaving afternoon tea party, and got the most incredible gift, which will forever be a reminder of my time here, in this beautiful country.


An evolve charm bracelet (similar to Pandora), but all the charms relate to New Zealand. I got given 5 charms with my bracelet. The meanings are included in the photos below.

The floral bead


The lovely Mount Cook Lily is one of New Zealand’s treasured alpine plants. Its striking white flowers and large glossy leaves glisten amongst the formidable rocks of our mountain hillsides. Not really a lily at all, this beautiful flower is actually the world’s largest buttercup. Its cup-like leaves often hold water after a rainfall, offering intrepid travellers a welcome drink. This charm symbolises true kindness and celebrates those special people who embody this virtue. (I recently climbed part of Mount Cook – hence the significance)

The colourful bead (red, blue and black bead) – Christchurch

The Avon River follows a meandering course into the heart of Christchurch and is a familiar symbol for this, the Garden City. Depicted in this charm by its steely blue weave, the Avon River holds a special place in the hearts of Cantabrians.  A staunch red with a whisper of black represents the region’s sporting colours, honouring Cantabrians’ strength and courage.

The NZ Map


The iconic outline of New Zealand’s shores connects us with a unique culture, incredible natural beauty and our happiest memories.  Whether as a memento of awesome experiences in New Zealand or a proud symbol of home, this charm is a treasured keepsake. Our NZ Map design celebrates your special affinity with Aotearoa, the unforgettable ‘land of the long white cloud’.

The Edmonds Cook Book (I love food, cooking and have done a lot of baking in New Zealand) – Kiwi’s love to cook and the Edmonds cook book is a national icon. Whether you’re an accomplished cook or just starting out, this renowned recipe book is a symbol of good honest Kiwi cooking. The well-thumbed pages have taught a nation of food lovers how to serve up hearty, healthy dishes. This charm celebrates our love of cooking and all those great times shared together around the table.

The Silver Fern


This intricate charm is created from a series of delicate fern fronds, which embrace each other in a continuous spiral of new beginnings and growth. This eternal spiral represents the cycle of life, throughout which there are many friends, family and relationships who touch our hearts and share with us memories that we will treasure forever.

Incredible. Something I’ll treasure forever.

I don’t intend to take this bracelet travelling with me, as I think its a magnet for thieves, I’ll insure it and send it home, but I do intend to collect other charms from around the World to add to this bracelet, when I get home.

A bitter-sweet day, but now I’ve got three days to get myself organised and start on my next adventures. A new chapter.

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