Printing your Instagram memories with Printrbook

The way in which life is captured and viewed has changed significantly over the past several decades, Photographs are no longer taken, developed, printed and filled away in the family photo album, but are now captured, and accessible globally, within a matter of moments.

Most people nowadays own a smart phone, and are highly active on the social media platform Instagram, and I am no exception, I use it almost daily, to display my travel photos, and get inspiration to plan further trips.

Many people who use Instagram will snap a shot, upload it and do nothing more than reply to the comments, or show it to someone on their phone.

However, what if you could have the ability to print these memories, display them and reminisce by flicking through some high quality pages?

Printrbook gives you the ability to do just that, by being able to Print Instagram Photos so you can have them as ‘hard copies’.

I recently decided to get one printed for myself, and I’m now able to offer some of my readers an exclusive discount code (continue reading to find out more).

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How to get your Instagram Photos printed with Printrbook 

Go online to and start your story by entering your email address linked to your Instagram channel. You can also log in using your Instagram account, or Facebook account.

After logging in, you will be presented with  a page of all your Instagram photos, were you will have the chance to select either 25 or 50 photos. I chose 50 photos, as I have so many beautiful shots, that 25 didn’t seem quite enough.

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 19.17.28

Once you have selected as many as you like, you will be asked how you wish your book to be presented, which includes the cover picture – this can be 1 full length photo (of your choosing, or random), 1, 4 or 9 photos (in a square/collage format).

I choose 4 different photos for the cover of the book, and gave it the title of Life in a Rucksack.


You can also add an introductory text to your book, to give it that personal feel; I choose to add one of my favourite travel quotes.


After this, you can proceed to ordering and delivery details, or create another one (or as many as you like). Once ordered your book will be with you in a few days.

The end result (My Instagram Printrbook)


My Printrbook was shipped out to me, in a solid cardboard envelope, so it didn’t get damaged.


The Printrbook is a lovely compact size, with each photo presented just like they were captured, and includes one image per page.  The print was of a high standard, and I loved flicking through it, and reminiscing about my travels and experiences from the past year.

The Printrbook would be a great addition to your home, to share your favourite memories easily, or it could be the perfect gift for someone to present their holiday or travel photographs.

Your exclusive discount code 

If you want your own Printrbook, then you can get 10% off by entering the code out17abbi10 at the checkout.


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