London: summer rain

It was raining as we woke up, but still quite warm. Again for the second day, we had no plans, apart from to get to the airport by 5pm for our flight. We booked our bus with EasyBus (Part of the EasyJet brand) the night before .. so once again exceptionally organised!

I slept in for quite a while during my second morning. Jetlag had suddenly caught up with me. Whilst I was in bed, I heard my sister on the phone to someone. I knew she was scheming something, and sure enough .. she was!

We had quite a slow start to the morning, but decided to go and get a good cooked breakfast, do a bit of shopping at London’s Westfield (one of the biggest shopping centres in the UK) as I had a wedding outfit to attempt to get (which I didn’t in the end).

Rather than getting the bus or tube out to Westfield, we decided to cycle to a DLR station, and catch a train from there. I had forgotten how mad my sister is on bikes. She wears no helmet and weaves in and out of traffic .. you feel like you have to pedal for your life!

Using the Barclay’s bikes (affectionately known as Boris Bikes, as Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London was an ambassador for them)

As we travelled towards Westfield (DLR station Stratford City), I caught a glimpse of the Olympic Stadium. It gave me a good feel for what London was like during the Olympics.

Olympic Park



We got to Westfield by 10.30, which was still breakfast time in my mind. My sister was faffing about so much, in different shops and acting very suspicious, some knew something was up. Prior to breakfast she was quite specific about what shops she wanted to go, so I knew we must be meeting someone. All of a sudden I heard this wee voice say “fancy seeing you here!” it was one of my younger sisters, who normally resides in Cardiff, Wales but was down in London for the day participating in a drug trial to earn money (students will do anything for money). Though she is technically not a student, just finished but still looking for post grad work.

It had started raining heavier, so we dashed to the food court area to have a breakfast. My older sister and I opted for the unhealthy option of a cooked breakfast, whilst little younger got a healthy bowl of soup.

A cooked breakfast in a mini frying pan .. nice touch
After a long period of catching up, we ran through the rain to catch an Underground train. I was still finding being on the Underground and using pounds a big novelty.
London Underground station (Heathrow)


(£15 of $30 NZD)

We said our goodbyes at an Underground station, as Cherith ran off to the clinic for the first part of her drug trial.

The next few hours was chaos. Sharron and I had to get back to her own flat in the East end, pick up her keys, extra stuff, then back to the flat she was house sitting, then to the library to print the confirmation for the bus. It pays to be a bit organised. We did all this on a bike, and got soaked.

We then met Cherith back at Baker street and waited for our bus to London Luton.

My older and first youngest sisters Cherith (left) and Sharron (right)
Easybus to Luton from Baker Street
Said goodbyes to Cherith again, who was hanging out in London until the evening before travelling to Cardiff. It was strange as I knew the next time I’d see her would be on one of the last few days in the UK.
The bus was packed, but it only took 45 minutes to get to the airport. I could have slept on the bus .. two days in London with a bit of jet lagged and all my energy was drained.
First time dying out of Luton airport (I’ve flown out of London City, Heathrow, Stansted and Gatwick before).
Outside London Luton.
So we had a relatively  next time after this that I was in London was on my last few days. Although London is crazy and busy, I still do miss it quite a bit.

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