Leaving New Zealand

I don’t think I’ll be able to fully comprehend the fact that I’ve left New Zealand, after over two years. It has stolen my heart, with the awe inspiring scenery, friendly locals and laid-back kiwi charm. My last day in New Zealand involved catching up with friends over dinner, and coffee. Frantically running around posting my final few boxes, donating clothes and other items to charity, and having a chilled dinner with my flatmate and a few friends, amid some final packing.


I got about 4 hours sleep, and was up and chauffeured to the airport by the flatmate. Very strange leaving my St Albans flat, knowing I won’t be back in it again, as my flatmate is moving out also to house sit for a wee while, before getting her own place.

I will be returning to New Zealand and Christchurch; just not sure when. I need to revisit the city, see the developments and people.

I love you New Zealand, see you soon.


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