Lake Tekapo, New Zealand: The Most Beautiful Lake in the World

Lakes, the Sea and Rivers are among my favourite part of outdoor life. I feel that they show the majesty of the World, and make you feel incredibly small, but left in awe at the same time. New Zealand is full of Lakes and Rivers, and amazing places that I am discovering on a regular basis, and leave feeling more and more in love with this beautiful country.


So last weekend, I went to Lake Tekapo, with my flatmate and her friends, on a road trip, staying in a beautiful log cabin at Lake Tekapo holiday park. It was like another World.


The cabin had an open plan room, with a double bed and 2 bunk beds, a separate bathroom and small kitchenette.

When you stepped out the door, you were faced with trees, with a small clearing, which allowed you a glimpse of the stunning turquoise Lake in front of you – it was a perfect little getaway.



The small town of Tekapo has various activities to do, from horse riding to ice skating (in winter), and star gazing from the Observatory.
I only got to spend one day at this fantastic Lake, but know that I will be taking a trip back here in the future.

This may be the most stunning Lake I have seen in the World.


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