King Climbers, Krabi, Thailand

Every now and again on my travels, I like to do something more active, as apart from carrying my rucksack around, and walking a lot, I am doing relatively little physical activity. I used to be a fairly regular member of a gym in New Zealand, and ran a fair bit at times. So getting out and being fit is important to me.
During my first day in Thailand, I saw an advert for rock climbing. It was something I had looked at on trip advisor beforehand. So I went out on a whim and booked a half day course through my hostel, for 850THB (US $26 or £16) I was told they’d pick me up at 8am. An early start wasn’t what I was hoping for, after, my long journey from Malaysia, but I’m glad I choose the day I did, as it chucked it down the whole of the next day.

After a quick breakfast at my hostel, I was off in the back of a brightly coloured Songthaew, with 6 others from various parts of town.
We headed to the pier at Aonang beach, where I got my first glimpse of the typical Thailand scene. A long tail boat with limestone caves in the background. There were a few clouds, but mostly blue skies; a great day for an adventure.

We hopped on the boat which took us to Railay, an inner island area of Krabi. After walking almost 10 minutes to the King Climbers shop, we were issued with water, shoes and a harness. We signed the forms to say that we agreed to taking part and were responsible for our own safety, and we were off.

The rock area was another 5 minutes away. Our group was small, 5 people to one guide. Once we got to the rock, our guide set up the equipment and briefly ran through safety instructions.
The first task of the day, was to learn how to set up our ropes and tie to the harness. This was a difficult task to master, as I am not very dextrous, but I soon learnt after doing it wrong twice.

Our guide told us that we would have 4 climbs in total. He then demonstrated how to climb, by running up the rock, like Spiderman on speed. Them smiled and said “ok .. your turn!”
After a few people, it was my turn.
I had previously only done rock climbing, at an indoor centre, and so this felt a bit more challenging. I managed to get to the top of the first one, with only minimal guidance, then Abseiled down.

The second climb was the most challenging. The grips were further apart, and my arms had already fatigued from the first climb. I managed to get ¾ of the way up, then came down, as I had little energy left.

On the third climb I got halfway, then the heavens opened .. and it poured it down. The first proper bit of rain in the rainy season I’d seen in a few months.
We took shelter in the nearby Reggae café, were the owner looked like he was on something, but did good coffee.

The rain died down a little and so we went to attempt our third climb again. Two of the five got to the top, then the rain started again.
After it lessened, I attempted the climb. However, with the rain making the rocks slippy I didn’t manage to get too far.
We thought we may be able to attempt a fourth climb, but the rain didn’t let up, so we called it a day. This was a shame, as some people had paid for a full day, so had to get a refund or come back another day.
I had previously set out to doing a half day of climbing, then a half day lying on the beach. The climbing was great fun, but the beach was not worthy to lie on, so I returned to my hostel.

If you’d like to get active in Krabi, I’d check out King Climbers
Cost 850 THB (US $26 or £16) for a half day (the website states 1000THB, but you may get a discount with your accommodation).
1800 THB (US$56 or £34) for a full day
They also do three day courses, If you’re that keen.

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