Does travel blogging make you unsociable?

There she is, sat in the corner. She’s been there for hours. Only getting up to use the toilet, or to order a drink at the hostel bar. The barman looks at her sympathetically and says “aren’t you lonely”? “why don’t you talk to people here, and have fun”. “I will” she says. “Later”.

She returns to her corner, which she has made comfortable, with additional cushions. Surrounded by various electronic items, and devices which get plugged in and out at various times. She sits motionless. Staring at the screen, then suddenly, inspiration, and she frantically begins typing.
That’s me. I’m that girl. I’m that travel blogger, and a barman asked me those questions recently.
Something I’ve been pondering, particularly over the past few weeks is the following:
“Does Travel blogging (whilst travelling) make you unsociable?”



When I first started this blog, it was a bit of fun. It was to keep my family and friends up to date, as I was living and working in New Zealand. Then it got a bit more serious, I became an avid blogger. I merged my content onto a hosted site, and was constantly on all forms of social media (#TTOT anyone?)

I started to connect with other travellers and bloggers, and involved myself in forums, and various other groups. I started to learn more about the business of blogging, and realised that it was a bigger job than I thought, and I’d have to work hard if I wanted to make it work.
This all seemed ok, when I was living in New Zealand, were I had a base, and more time to play around and update my site and content now and again, without interrupting my social life too much.

NB: On the days were I was at home in New Zealand, I’d often sit in the corner of the couch, wrapped in my big red fleece blanket, with my computer. My flatmate referred to this area as the BC – the Blogging Corner. I miss that corner in the World.

Sorry, I digress.
Now is different. Now I am travelling. I am moving to a new location every 5-7 days, or more frequently at times. I am meeting lots of new people, experiencing new things, and enjoying it.
What I am not enjoying, is the guilt that I feel almost every few days, as I glance at the long list in my notepad entitled ‘blogs to write.’ It seems to increase daily, the more I am seeing and doing.


updating my social media sites, on the go, often frustrates the people I am with
updating my social media sites, on the go, often frustrates the people I am with

Every now and again, I have an unplanned day, a day were I need some downtime from moving around and adventuring, so I sit down and begin to type .. but I look around me and my fellow travellers are sat at the bar, drinking, playing cards and generally having fun, and I’m there trying to figure out why my site is not loading again, or why the WiFi is being slow.
This has lead me to reflect upon my time as a travel blogger. I wonder why I put myself through this. I think to myself, I am in this beautiful part of the World, I may not be here again, I need to enjoy every moment.
So to answer my question, I think travel blogging, whilst travelling, can make you unsocial, and I’m not sure I like it.

It’s not to say I will stop blogging. I have ways in which I can continue to blog. For example, I have drafted this blog whilst on an 8 hour ferry ride into Laos, and I often draft blogs on planes and buses too.
I just may not be such a frequent writer for a while. Life is for living, and I want to experience everything this trip has to offer.
Are you a travel blogger? What are your tips for travelling and blogging at the same time?

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