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The World in which we live has changed greatly in the past few decades. The majority of what we do is focused online, and with the busyness of life, more people are using the internet as a resource to find goods and services.

I am no different. I plan all of my trips online, and book everything from flights, and accomoodation to tours and experiences. It is convienent and hassle free, and you know that you can get a great deal.

Having recently got engaged, I will soon be in the midst of a lot of planning. There are so many elements to planning a wedding I hadn’t realised before.


We will be in need of a photographer, and a florist, as well as someone to make our cake and do my hair and makeup.


Finding services like this can be done easily online, or through reccommendations from friends and family.

However, I have recently discovered a new service called Bidvine, which has everything we will need in one place, and will make our search for a majority of services we need so much easier.

What is Bidvine and how does it work?

Bidvine is a service which helps connect you with local professionals. They are reviewed to ensure that the services they offer are of a quality standard.

In order to get started with Bidvine, visit their website at, and sign up either via your facebook or email account, then you can search for what you need.

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The concept is so simple, and easy to use. You type in what service you require, and will be asked a series of questions including the date you require the professional, and budget.

If the professional is required for an event, such as a wedding then you can add in details such as the amount of people attending and the venue details.

Having set up a profile, I was amazed by the amount of services offered, and how many of the professionals were located in our local area of Sussex.

Once you have set up your profile and put your request in, Bidvine will match it to the professionals required, who will get in touch with you with further details. If you are happy, then you book the professional.

It is that simple.

Bidvine on the go


The good news for those that are busy with life, is that Bidvine also have an app, which makes requesting goods and services much easier on the go.


The app is available from the app store, and once downloaded you can connect your profile and will be able to recieve notifications about your requests wherever you are.


Bidvine is definately going to be part of our wedding planning, and we are glad we can find everything we need in one place.

So whether you are planning a wedding, or are in need of a cleaner, florist or a musican for your event, look up Bidvine who can match you to what you need.


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