Buying a car, as a traveller

This post isn’t so much about travel, or about what amazingly wonderful, or exotic country I have been to. It is about something which most people would consider normal, or part of ‘regular life, but is a huge step for me.

Today, I bought and picked up a new car; something I mentioned I was doing in a previous post about ‘settling down’ (or staying put in the UK for a while).


I bought it on Finance,  so although it sounds just how a mobile phone contract sounds, it is a wee bit more expensive, but it is a beautiful car, and reliable. It all seems a little grown up though, even though I am well beyond the age, where most people would consider this to be standard (in fact, if I listened to society, I should be married with 2 kids and have a house), but that is a long way off at this stage.

As I was picking the car up, the sales executive I’ve been dealing with, who has been totally patient and lovely with me, seeing as I haven’t been overly straight forward (who knew that having moved so many times, would be an issue for a finance company!). I was shown all the features of the car, and told about things like the wheel nuts, and all the complicated things like changing tyres in Winter, checking the oil etc. I think I need to quickly acquaint myself with car terminology and looking after one, as opposed to, get in it, put fuel in and drive.

I got a little Toyota Yaris, and it is called Theodore* (after the chipmunk, of course), and will be setting off on his first big adventure from Stafford to Sussex (around 170 miles or so) in a few days time.


Keep an eye out, for my adventures with Theo, around the UK. I already have a huge list of places I want to visit.

*it is mandatory to name your car, despite being told that people who do name their cars, shouldn’t be allowed on the road. Now where is the fun with that. A car is essentially another mouth to feed. It should have a name!

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