Akaroa, Canterbury

Yesterday, I finally went around the peninsula to Akaroa. It has been ‘on my list’ since I got here, mainly as my patents had been there and I was in awe of the photos.

I was meant to go back in the summer (February) but the weather wasn’t the best. It wasn’t the greatest when we went, but we did anyway. I went along with Steffi, a girl I met through church. We got vouchers for a horse trek for half price! We left just after 7.30am, and got there by 9am. The horse place wasn’t well signposted, we initially went to the adventure centre but it was closed. However, we did manage to get some direction to the horse riding centre from some friendly locals!

The weather wasn’t the greatest. The trek was through hills and ended on the top of purple peak. Normally you get a beautiful view of Akaroa harbour and banks peninsula, but all we got was fog. Still, it was great fun! I was very saddle sore after, as it was a two jour trek – good for the legs.

A speedy 10 minute journey was followed after the trek to the waterfront area. We had a short walk around. Akaroa us very pretty with about half the streets in French. There were nice period buildings too, which I miss quite a bit! We had time for a quick lunch, then it was off to the dolphin cruise and swim.

Swimming with dolphins is a typical bucket list item and it has been on mine for a long while. After being suited and booted in thick wetsuits and given snorkels, we were off! Once out in the sea a bit more, we spotted the Hector’s dolphins. They are the worlds smallest and rarest, most endangered dolphins. The swim was great and not at all cold, we saw about 8 dolphins. They mostly swam in pairs. The only disappointing thing, was you couldn’t touch them. I always envisaged swimming with dolphins being able to hold onto the fin and swim around. However, these are wild dolphins. I guess the typical dolphin swim image would be more in commercial centres.

One of the cool things was when they came quite close and I spun around in the water. They were quite playful. I bought a photo pack afterwards, as although things like that can be costly, I reckon its good to get them, as I may or may not ever do it again.

After I got back I was shattered. A day if activities really takes it out if you. Or I’m I getting old?

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